Ek OangKar  – Harshdeep Kaur

Asia Samachar published article on the Global Sikh Council (GSC) meeting hosted by Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) title “Sikh lady helms nascent global Sikh organisation” dated 27-Mar-2017. 

Interestingly Dr Devinder Chahal’s name was mentioned.  See Figure 1 (extract from the Asia Samachar article) red underlined part.  

Figure 1: Pronunciation of Sikhi Logo – Dr Chahal 170328 PIC 01

He spoke on “Pronounciation of Sikhi Logo”.  To have a Skype session, for one who could not attend, shows the importance of Dr Chahal’s presentation to the GSC/MGC organisation.  The details of this presentation are not available so we will look at Dr Chahal’s views on the Sikh Logo.

What are Dr Chahal’s views on the Sikh Logo?

Figure 2 speaks for itself.  But we will explain.  

Figure 2: The JAP Booklet by Dr Chahal170328 PIC 02

What is the logo Dr Chahal is referring to?

Dr Chahal calls   a LOGO.  Sort of like a logo of a car or a company!

LOGO ? ?

Of course the SGGS Ji is just a Holy Book, Ek Granth, not surprising.

Dr Chahal states that many theologians incorrectly pronounce as Ek Oangkar ੧ਓਅੰਕਾਰ.  The theologians he refers to are Bhai Gurdas who explained this pronunciation in the Vaaran, Bhai Kahn Singh, Professor Sahib Singh and many others.  Dr Chahal blames that these people were influenced by the Sanatan Mat.  He states the Ek Oangkar ੧ਓਅੰਕਾਰ represents OM (the trinity of the Vedas).  He even states the use of Waheguru for God is wrong.  Dr Chahal says the the pronunciation of  (Ek Oangkar ੧ਓਅੰਕਾਰ) should be Ek Oh Beant. For more information on this please refer to LINK A:


Dr Chahal’s views clearly are related to a change in SGGS Ji.

A question pops up!  Is MGC an ally to this BLASPHEMOUS change?

Is the Malaysian Sangat being taken for a ride down the BLASPHEMOUS path in the guise of allegiance to the SGGS Ji while denigrating the Dasam Granth?

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