My meeting with a Founder Member of Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia, Master Joginder Singh

by Jusbir Singh

I am so fortunate to meet an uplifting Gursikh today – Master Joginder Singh ji. He is 95 years old and so humble 

  1. He was very close to Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji (Malacca) and knew Sant Ji since his age of 5 years old and went to Gurdwara daily in Malacca.
  2. Master ji were one of the initiators of Naujawan Sabha idea which was then formalised in 1966.
  3. He is one of the founders of SNSM. I met him today in Adelaide, South Australia, where he now resides.

I spoke by writing a note to him because he has difficulties of hearing – so we exchange notes. Some of my notes and his reply:

  • Master Daljit Singh ex jathedar of SNSM sends his Gurfateh (regards).
    Master Daljit is in KL (Setapak High School), Do you remember Master Daljit Singh?
  • Master Joginder Singh’s response: Yes indeed, I remember him. He smiled and reply his wjkk wjkf


  • A student of yours who learnt paath from you, Jaspal Singh Pip sends his regards, He is now a pilot at SIA, do you remember him?
  • Master Joginder Singh’s response: Yes indeed, I remember him and my sincere Gurfateh to him and family


  • Do you know Bhai Gopal Singh Ipoh that lives near my house in Ipoh?
  • Master Joginder Singh’s response: Yes, I know him quite well, he is a spiritual soul.


  • Do you know that Sant Niranjan Singh from Patiala and Sant Sohan Singh were students of Sant Attar Singh ji
  • Master Joginder Singh’s response: A Big Smile and YES.


  • How do we know our level of spirituality?
  • Master Joginder Singh’s response: You don’t have to know. Waheguru knows.

I am so blessed today and thank you Waheguru ji 🙏


Sant Baba Sohan Singh