Chaar Sahibzaade 2 – Deh Shiva

Enjoy the clip below from the latest Chaar Sahibzaade Movie (Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur) and lets celebrate the great legacy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the 350th anniversary Parkash Dihara celebrations!!

While the rest of the world Sikh sangat is celebrating the legacy of Guru Gobind Singh ji, a few people in Malaysia are still masquerading around conducting seminars on why we should not sing Miter Pyare Nu, Deh Shiva and other Guru Gobind Singh jis banis.

Master Daljit Singh of Malaysia shares his views :

“Guru Granth Sahib Ji is dh-saa(n) paa-th saa-hee-aa(n) dh-aa s-roo-p….that means it is the embodiment of Guru Gobind Singh as well. This means that all the legacy that Guru Gobind Sahib Ji has left us directly (written by him) or indirectly (commissioned by him) or compiled by those who were his contemporaries deserves a special place and some reverence in the hearts of the entire Sikh community throughout the world.

If people can revere guru ji’s personal effects like his hair….cholaa…revere the places he visited then these writings associated with his name deserve a special place….in the annuls of Sikh history. Preserving these writings in a binded form and being given a name (Dasam Granth) cannot be seen by any stretch of imagination as a threat to the supremacy of Guru Granth Sahib. If we reject this body of material found in Dasam Granth and ‘tolerate’ the presence of the three compositions recited during amrit sanchaar proceedings….then tell me what do tell our generations to come about legacy Guru Gobind Singh Ji has left behid the great guru a prolific poet who had 52 poets with him …..What happened to all that?

Guru Gobind Singh has willfully not included his work in Sri Guru Granth Sahib….that is his calling….his prerogative.
But our forefathers who were his contemporaries couldn’t possibly have ignored the large amount of material he had penned or had commissioned his 52 poets to write or translate. They would have collected it, preserved it and passed it on to the next of kin….now some has put it into one volume and called it the Dasam Granth. Now what’s wrong with that? If someone wants to study the material for whatever reason that’s their calling.

The supremecy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib has never been under threat and will never be. People are not fools. We cannot behave like Brahmins and tell the people what they should or should not do.”

Rise up to the ignorance being perpetuated by these rogue groups! There are COVERT ATTACKS ON THE SGGS again “blaming the Biprans” AS AN EXCUSE to perform these activities. Some of these are

• “Amrit Vela” is NOT “in the morning before dawn”,
• “Meditation” that is “Jap” or “Chant” is simply RATNA (ਰਟਨਾ) and useless,
• Raagmaala should go,
• remove Bhagats Bani etc. etc.,
• Mythological references are RUBBISH
• no reincarnation/no soul,
• use only logic and reasoning not faith (no more SHARDA) in relation to Gurbani.
• change EK ONGKAR to EK OH BEANT (Devinder Chahal IUS document “JAP” booklet link below – this booklet preaches many of the activities in this bullet list (against the teaching of our scriptures)– pages I to VII and 73 are especially important to read for the distortion preached),

Enjoy the clip above from Chaar Sahibzaade Movie (Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur) and lets celebrate the great legacy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the 350th anniversary celebrations!!