Battle of Bhangani (Bachittar Natak) – Guru Gobind Singh

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For context, the preceding verses describe how during the ‘Bhangani Battle’ Hari Chand shoots three arrows at the Guru. The first is aimed at the Guru’s horse. The second narrowly misses the Guru’s ear, and the third hits the Guru’s belt but causes no injury.

Ang 148 of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji:

Rasaaval Chhand||

Jabai baan laagyo|| Tabai ros jaagyo||
When the edge of the arrow touched my body, it kindled my resentment

Karang lai kamaanang|| Hanang baan taanang||31||
I took the bow in my hand and aimed and shot the arrow.31

Sabai beer dhaae|| Saroghang chalaae||
All the warriors fled, when a volley of arrow was showered.

Tabai taak(i) baanang|| Hanyo ek juaanang||32||
Then I aimed the arrow on a warrior and killed him.32.

Hareechand maare|| Su jodhaa lataare||
Hari Chand was killed and his brave soldiers were trampled.

Su Kaaroraayang|| Vahai kaal ghaayang||33||
The chief of Kot Lehar was seized by death.33.

Ranang tiaag(i) bhaage|| Sabai traas paage||
The hill-men fled from the battlefield, all were filled with fear.

Bhaee jeet meree|| Kripaa kaal keree||34||
I gained victory through the favour of the Eternal Lord (KAL).34.

Ranang jeet(i) aae|| Jayang geet gaae||
We returned after victory and sang songs of triumph.

Dhanang dhaar barkhe|| Sabai soor harkhe||35||
I showered wealth on the warriors, who were full of rejoicings.35.

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