(waheguru simran soft soothing shabad) shadanisatguru


Lekh 110 (page 7-9) – Simran Part 4 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

For this reason Gurbani severely admonishes (or warns) us

As the world of sand, built and plastered with care lasts not even for four days. So are the pleasures of materialism. Why are you entangled in them O ignorant man. This very day, come to your senses. No harm is yet done. So utter the Name of the Lord- the enemy of pride. 633

The entire creations, consciously or unconsciously is absorbed in the practice of this `Simran’. The 8,400,000 living things in their unconscious state, unknowingly and instinctively are practicing the Simran of their Creator in their own way – living by the Divine will.”

The earth contemplates you and also the sky. The moon and sun contemplate you O the treasure of virtue.  All the beasts birds and ghosts remember you. The forests, mountains and the renouncers remember you. All the parasite vines, creepers, and branches remember you. You O Lord are pervading all the souls. All the subtle and gross beings remember you. The adepts and seekers remember the Lord’s Name. The invisible and the visible meditate on my Lord. My Lord is the master of all the world. 1078-79

But the human being witnessing the astonishing and sparkling materials and drama of the material world with his conscious state and polluted intelligence, has become too absorbed in the materialistic doubt ridden life, forgotten his creator and the practice of Simran of the `me-mine’ state has started within.

Beholding the false worldly valuables. You have gone astray my mind. 486

Hope, doubt, sin and worldly attachments In this the mortal is engrossed. The false world abides within his mind and He understand not the lofty Lord. 815

O lord of the world, the master of the universe This worldliness has made me forget your feet. Even a bit of love for you wells not up In your slave. What can the poor slave do? 857

In this

  • body
  • mind
  • heart
  • concentration
  • attention
  • subconscious

nay, his whole inner self has been so much coloured by worldliness, that apart from the doubt ridden egoistic state of his life, that realisation of some other

  • better
  • beautiful
  • lofty
  • peaceful
  • emancipating

divine life’s

  • awareness
  • understanding
  • belief
  • faith

is simply not there.

Whilst reading, / listening to gurbani and participating in Sadh Sangat, even if a momentary flash of `Divine faith’ or `belief’ appears it quickly hides behind the cloud of materialism and disappears.

The moment (we) take leave of the sadh sangat, the influence of ‘materialism’

 ‘me-mine’ in the form of

  • Desires
  • imagination
  • thoughts/ideas
  • needs-desires
  • worries-anguish
  • lust – anger
  • greed – attachment
  • Jealousy – duality
  • enmity – opposition and

other sensuous attractions capture the mind causing (us) to forget the `divine faith’ and `Gods Simran’.

Isn’t it ridiculous to think that for one to practice the `Simran of worldliness’ man

  • needs no guru needs
  • no advice/guidance needs
  • no education needs
  • no know how needs
  • no research needs no rights & rituals
  • need not suffer the hardships of penance or meditation.

The moment God is forgotten, the 5 satans – lust, anger, greed, attachment and EGO, by their astonishing & dazzling charm, trap man without his knowledge, and for his whole life, imprison him in the `secondary or worldly love’ or ‘me-mine’ state and like the monkey of a juggler, makes him jump and dance – making him their permanent slave.

To be continued

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