Attributes to All-Prevading God – (Akaal Ustat – Guru Gobind Singh)

(Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji – Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib)


Guru Gobind Singh in a state of intense longing for God and in a state of enlightenment, said, the One All-Prevading God is everywhere.  Please listen to the audio and read this beautiful shabad from Akal Ustat and the message is so universal.  We have moral obligation to take care of earth, water, animals, atmosphere and everything in existent.

jalae haree|
thalae haree|
ourae haree|
banae haree|1|51|

God pervades,
• in the water.
• in the earth.
• in every being’s heart.
• in nature. (1)(51)

girae haree|
gufae haree|
shithae haree|
nabhae haree|2|52|

God pervades,
• the mountains.
• in the caves.
• in the earth.
• in the sky.(2)(52)

eehaa(n) haree|
ouhaa(n) haree|
jimee haree|
jamaa haree|3|53|

God pervades,
• here (in this world).
• there (in the next world).
• on land.
• in the sky.(3)(53)

alaekh haree|
abhaekh haree|
adhokh haree|
adhaiooukh haree|4|54|

God is
• in inexpressible.
• beyond all robes.
• sans all defects.
• without sense of duality.(4)(54)

akaal haree|
apaal haree|
ashaedh haree|
abhaedh hehee|5|55|

• is immortal and beyond time.
• depends on none.
• is Indivisible. 
• is comprehensible to none.(5)(55)

ajanthr haree|
amanthr haree|
s thaej haree|
athanthr haree|6|56|

• is unaffected by amulets,
• is unmoved by incantations.
• has a fervent splendour.
• is beyond magical charms.(6)(56)

ajaath haree|
apaath haree|
amithr haree|
amaath haree|7|57|

• is without caste.
• is not subject to death.
• has no friend.
• has no mother. (7)(57)

arog haree|
asok haree|
abharam haree|
akaram haree |8|58|

• is free from disease.
• is free from grief.
• is devoid of doubt.
• is free from the fruits of action.(8)(58)

ajai haree|
abhai haree|
abhaedh haree|
ashaedh haree| 9|59|

• is unconquerable
• is dauntless.
• Is inscrutable
• is indivisible.(9)(59)

akhandd haree|
abhandd haree|
addandd haree|
prachandd haree | 10|60|

• is in indivisible.
• is not dependent on any.
• is unpunishable.
• is vehement.(10)(60)

athaev haree|
abhaev haree|
ajaev haree|
ashaev haree| 11| 61|

• is enormous.
• secret’s is not known.
• is impregnable.
• is un-pierceable. (11)(61)

bhajo haree|
thapo haree|
thapo haree |
japo haree | 12|62|

• Repeat the Lord’ name.
• Ensconce the Lord in your heart.
• Meditate upon the Lord.
• Recite the Lord’ name.(12)(62)