Guru Gobind Singh – The Khalsa is the Guru and the Guru is the Khalsa. There is no difference between you and me.

Video by Sarab Sanjhi Gurbani
Ragi Jatha – Bhai Sadhu Singh Ji (Dehradun Wale)

Guru Gobind Singh takes Amrit

After the Guru had administered Amrit to his Five Beloved Ones, he stood up in supplication and with folded hands, begged them to baptize him in the same way as he had baptized them. He himself became their disciple (Wonderful is Guru Gobind Singh, himself the Master and himself the disciple).

The Five Beloved Ones were astonished at such a proposal, and represented their own unworthiness, and the greatness of the Guru, whom they deemed God’s Vicar upon earth. They asked him why he made such a request and why he stood in a supplicant posture before them. He replied,” I am the son of the Immortal God. It is by His order I have been born and have established this form of baptism. They who accept it shall henceforth be known as the KHALSA.

The Khalsa is the Guru and the Guru is the Khalsa. There is no difference between you and me. As Guru Nanak seated Guru Angad on the throne, so have I made you also a Guru. Wherefore administer the baptismal nectar to me without any hesitation.” Accordingly the Five Beloved Ones baptized the Guru with the same ceremonies and injunctions he himself had employed.

Khalsa mero roop hai khaas.
The Khalsa is my complete image

Khalse maih hau karo nivaas.
I dwell in the khalsa

Khalsa mero mukh hai ang-aa.
Khalsa is my chief organ

Khalse ke hau sadh sadh sang-aa.
I am always with the khalsa

Khalsa mero mitr sakhaa-ee
Khalsa is my closest friend

Khalsa maat pitaa sukhdaa-ee
Khalsa is my mother, father & source of all comforts.

Khalsa meri jaat ar pat.
Khalsa is my caste & creed.

Khalsa sau maa kau utapat.
My creation is through the khalsa

Khalsa mero bhavan bhand-aa-raa.
I dwell in the khalsa who is a storehouse of all my requirements.

Khalse kar mero satk-aa-raa.
I am honoured because of the khalsa.

Khalsa mero pind par-aan.
Khalsa is my body & breath.

Khalsa meri jaan ki jaan.
Khalsa is my life & soul

Khalsa mera satgur poor-aa
Khalsa is my full-fledged Guru.

Khalsa mera sajan soor-aa.
Khalsa is my brave friend.

Khalsa mero budh ar giaan.
Khalsa is my wisdom & knowledge.

Khalse ka hau dhar-au dhiaan.
I always contemplate the khalsa prayerfully

Upmaa khalsae jaath na kahi
Eulogy of the khalsa is beyond me.

Jihv-aa ek paar nah lahi.
I cannot fathom full praise of the khalsa with one tongue.

Ya mai ranch na mithe-aa bhaakh-ee.
I certify that I have not mis-stated anything in the foregoing.

Paarbrahm gur Nanak saak-ee.
God & Guru Nanak are my witnesses to endorse the foregoing truth.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sarb Loh Granth, (MS), 519-526.