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Thus the meditation of the one word mantar will spontaneously bear fruits.

Support of this view in gurbani appears as follows:

  1. He who by guru’s instruction utters the one name he gathers the pure glory. 747
  2. Nanak, he in whose mind the one word of the Lord abides, becomes mightily pleased. 261
  3. Veds, Purans and Simirts of pure words are the creation of the one word of the Lord’s name. 262
  4. He within whose mind the one pure name abides he realizes the essence of the vedas. 1205
  5. Man has joined the fifty two letters, but he cannot recognize the one word of the Lord.” 343

A certain divine soul has this to say on the above subject:

‘The shorter the mantar, the better. Make this one word mantar reside in your heart and while attending to your daily chores keep it side by side and make it an integral part of your life. If doubt, thought-counter thought appears try to get through to the solution through this one word. Practice repetition, meditation of this one word to such an extent that this word GURMANTAR will penetrate, settle and assimilate itself into your physical, your mental, your heart, your subconscious enabling you to hear it intuitionally. Your personality or self will immerse itself into the mantar.

For meditation, the best time is the early hours of the morning

  1. “Rise early in the morning, repeat the name, And night and day meditate on the Lord.” 255

According to this gurbani hukum, amrit-vela-early morning hours are the most beneficial for doing simran.

Besides this, one is also urged ‘night and day – meditate’

In gurbani there are numerous places where mandatory instructions have been given to us:-

  1. Whilst walking, sitting,sleeping and waking deliberate on the guru’s instruction in the mind.” 1006
  2. Standing, sitting, sleeping or walking we ought to remember the Lord all through our lives.” 101
  3. Standing, sitting & sleeping- all the time remember the God’s name.” 594
  4. While standing, sitting or sleeping meditate on the Lord.  Walking on the way sing the praises of the Lord Master. 386
  5. While standing or sitting meditate on God and enshrine affection for the saint’s society.” 297
  6. Standing sitting sleeping, walking with each breath of mine I contemplate on my God. 1298
  7. Standing sitting, sleeping and walking, this soul contemplates on you O Lord.” 820
  8. Sitting, standing I repeat your name .This alone is the deed I do.” 813

This means that all the time, non stop, every minute, second, in whatever condition, always, while doing daily chores like

  • eating,
  • drinking,
  • awake,
  • sleeping,
  • getting up,
  • sitting and
  • walking about

The firm advice is DO SIMRAN ALL THE TIME.

The practice of this simran meditation is most difficult.

  1. It is difficult to utter the True Name. 9

But in the company of blessed gurmukhs the mind instinctively focuses itself and the practice of simran becomes simpler.

  1. In the society of saints one does not face any misery. By beholding and meeting the saints, the mortal becomes happy. 272
  2. Join the saints society. Meeting with the saints guild you shall be blessed with the Lord’s elixir. 1304
  3. Join the society of saints and contemplate on the Lord”s wealth. Thus from a sinner you shall become holy. 631

According to our past deeds, when the fruits of our virtuous deeds flower, we obtain the true & pure ‘Sat Sangat’ or “Sadh Sangat’ and the seekers soul awakens. Spontaneously his incessant (unbroken) simran starts and he becomes a blessed one.

  1. When the plumule of actions of past sprouted, I met the Lord, the reveller- the detached. 204
  2. He on whom the Exalted Lord showers mercy, obtains the society of saints. The more he frequents the saint’s congregation the more love he comes to enshrine for the Lord. 71

The external activity of simran is in the physical and mental effort. Beyond this there is simran’s divine play which is unique and wonderful.

  1. Slave Nanak, this is a difficult game. Only a few know it through the guru. 219

This novel and difficult internal play of simran will be discussed in the next pamphlet.

To be continued

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