Chardikala Jatha – Simran


Lekh 112 (page 4-6) – Simran Part 11 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

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  1. Throughout the eight watches, I utter the Name of my Lord God. The Guru-God Himself is my saviour. 1149
  2. Night and day I always meditate on Him, who in an instant, saves all. 105
  3. Make not a moments delay in contemplating over God, O my soul, who knows whether the mortal shall draw or draw not another breath. 540

It is most difficult to fulfill the aim of meditating sitting or standing (all the time) on God’s Name because our mind, as a result of its accumulated past deeds is engrossed in the chores of maya (materialism) and is unable to do the Lord’s simran. But with the help of the sadh sangat (society of illuminated souls) this difficult play can become easier.

Concentration or attention of the mind is needed to ensure the success of each and every job. When attention is not given to a job, that job remains incomplete, bears no fruit or at most it becomes just a show (of effort).

That is why, gurbani encourages us to do simran with our mind, body and soul.

  1. Joining the society of saints remember your Lord with your soul and body. 817
  2. With single mindedness and one heart meditate on God with love and affection. 845
  3. Sing the praise of the Lord, O friendly saints with alertness and singlemindedness. 295
  4. In your mind dwell on the Lord’s Name. Nanak thus you shall go to your home with honour. 283
  5. Heartily apply yourself to God’s meditation. Thus you shall obtain your heart desired fruit, O Nanak. 285
  6. By thought word and deed, I contemplate on the Lord’s Name. 916

Our mind or our subconscious thinks and works under the accumulated influence of past deeds. These accumulated influences of past deeds, the result of our simran or meditation on materialism over numerous births, is most difficult to change. For example within the mind, attention, and the subconscious of an alcoholic, the influences of liquor take root and they manifest themselves in every aspect of his life.

In the same way if at some time we make an effort to do the divine simran, our previous potent materialistic influences, unknowingly distract our mind towards worldly chores and our simran remains but a show.

  1. My erring soul is entangled with mammon. What ever deeds I do while attached with avarice, with them all, I am binding down myself. 702
  2. O, Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget Your feet. Even a bit of love for You wells not up in your slave. What can the poor slave do? 857
  3. The man entangles in mammon (materialism) has forgotten the Lord’s Name. 1427
  4. Mammon has spread out its net and in it has place the bait. The avaricious bird is snared and cannot escape, O my mother. 50
  5. In the love of worldly valuables man’s mind attaches not to God. Loving another, the mortal suffers great sorrow in the yonder world.” 1052
  6. At times the mind soars high up and at times it falls to the nether regions. The greedy mind remains not steady and searches for wealth in four directions. 876

It has been observed that when meditation on gurmantar “waheguru” is done via kirtan, some enthusiastic seekers in their zeal drift out of the kirtan tune and meditate loudly with powerful voices. By going out of tune, they disturb the rhythm of kirtan and prevent the rest of the sangat from fully deriving benefit.

For this reason those wanting to do simran through kirtan together, must do so naturally and slowly to enable the whole sangat to derive benefit. Gurbani too supports this method.

  1. My soul with ease and calmness dwell upon God’s name. Through the eight watches of the day, do think of the Lord and ever sing the praises of the world illuminator. 44
  2. God’s churn,churn you O my brother, Steadily churn it, that the butter may not be lost. 478
  3. Ever bless my body with pure understanding, O Lord. In peace and poise Kabir utters the praise of God. 478
  4. Hearing the Lord’s excellences, I am easily drenched with them. By guru’s instruction, I have automatically uttered the Lord’s Name.” 767
  5. Under the guru’s guidance, by remembering my Lord God, Man is easily absorbed in the True Master. 113
  6. He who sings of the God with natural ease, Becomes bright through the guru’s fear and his dirt of ego departs. 121

In order to reinforce simran or naam various methods are employed namely

  • through breath’s rhythm
  • eyes starring into eyes
  • resting the hands on the head
  • by rubbing ash
  • charms through mental power
  • hathaa yoga
  • yoga of knowledge
  • karam yoga
  • tantric yoga
  • etc

But according to gurmat the practice of simran can only be reinforced through the five beloved ones (by taking amrit from the panj piares).

To be continued

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