Baba Banta Singh explains the importance of Dasam Granth

Baba Banta Singh Ji Bidhi Chand Samparda Munda Pind – Dasam Granth

Comments by Harnaak Singh

This is an excellent and enlightening explanation by Baba Banta Singh Ji.

There are four Parmanic or Canonic Granths for Sikhs

  • SGGS Ji,
  • Dasam Granth,
  • Vaaran Bhai Gurdas and
  • Composition by Bhai Nand Lal.

The latter three support knowledge in the SGGS Ji, OUR LIVING GURU and also our first Granth.

Besides what Baba Banta Singh Ji pointed out in the video, for example the word “ਬਲਭਦ੍ਰ” occurs only once in SGGS Ji. Where do we find what it means? The meaning of  “ਬਲਭਦ੍ਰ” is explained in  Dasam Granth.  “ਬਲਭਦ੍ਰ” was the brother of Krishna as narrated in Krisha Avatar on page 655 of Dasam Granth (

Another is word is ਕਾਮਧੇਣੁ which is one of the 14 jewels as Bhai Gurdas points out. So the Sikh’s knowledge would become incomplete without the cross referencing to learn the teaching of Gurbani.

Baba Banta Singh directs his questions and explanation to those who oppose the Dasam Granth and the singing of its compositions.  These are the ones who do not understand the Dasam Granth and are falsely promulgating TERROR WAVES that the acceptance of Dasam Granth is an attack on the SGGS Ji and calling for its exclusion from the Sikh scriptures. 

Those who slander Dasam Granth also have no respect for our Gurus as well as SGGS Ji saying that SGGS Ji a METAPHOR not a LIVING GURU.  This is BLASPHEMOUS.  THEY ARE DEEPLY IMMERSED IN THE 5 EVILS AND DEVOID OF ANY VIRTUES.

THEY ARE ALIGNED TO KALA AFGHANA’S IDEOLOGY which is ANTI-SGGS, ANTI-SIKH AND ANTI-PANTHIC. They are bent on propagating their ANTI-SGGS, ANTI-SIKH AND ANTI-PANTHIC ideology at every opportunity.

The picture summarises their agenda.