Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale – Satnam Waheguru


Lekh 112 (page 7-9) – Simran Part 12 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

Audio: Simran Lekh 112 (page 7-9)

In the company of illuminated souls- (the plane of truth)- and the presence of the holy satguru, dynamic and divine vibrations prevail in the atmosphere. In this atmosphere, the simran of the naam, naturally entrenches itself into the deep recesses of the seekers hearts.

The gurmantar which the gursikhs receive from the five beloved ones, becomes the seedling of the soul which naturally

  • germinates
  • blooms
  • blossoms
  • flourishes
  • becomes entrenched

in the divine ‘cave’ of the spiritually elevated souls.

In this way by the grace of the satguru the revelation takes place spontaneously.

“Through the word of the guru, God ‘thunders’ (reveals itself)”

To fix simran in the mind, the company of the sadh sangat (spiritually elevated souls) is most helpful.

Over the numerous births (that we have moved through), our mind has got so absorbed in the variety of worldly tastes that in order to experience these worldly tastes, the mind keeps searching for

  • uniqueness
  • novelty
  • variety
  • distinctness
  • delicacies

When he cannot find enjoyment in all this he gets fed up and quietly slips out elsewhere.

  1. Worldliness affects in many ways. 182
  2. Desires cannot be stilled by enjoying worldly pleasures. 1298
  3. Fascinating is the marvelous picture of worldliness. Only a few understand this. 485

This is why our satguru, in order to distract our attention from the numerous worldly attractions tries to focus it on the incessant waves of God’s sweet and wonderful praise and the continuous meditative practice found in the sadh sangat to enable it to move towards life’s goals whose experience includes

  • daily awakening
  • divine-ness
  • amazement
  • beauty
  • wondrousness
  • joyousness
  • wonderful colours.

In other words, within the sad singed, through the meditative practice of the word that is ‘simran’

  • glorious praise
  • love for the soul within
  • silent love
  • thanks giving
  • supplications
  • fear/faith (of God)
  • pining (longing filled with emotion)

and desires for spiritual illumination automatically well up within the hearts of the seekers.

The practice of continuous repetition of the word during mediation is a very important aspect. It needs tremendous effort, patience and faith.

It’s like trying to enjoy eating something that is tasteless. But to calm a scattered mind so deeply steeped in worldly desires, there is only one way-the continuous repetition of gurmantar (WAHEGURU)-” “by focusing the undivided attention of the mind” Its importance and methodology in gurbani is stated as follows:-

  1. Again and again utter the Lord’s name.  By drinking the name nectar this soul and body are satisfied. 286
  2. Remember, remember the name over and over again. Nanak it is the only support of the soul. 295
  3. Utter the Name of the pervading Lord, a hundred thousand times. 194
  4. From one tongue, let my tongue become a hundred thousand and let the hundred thousand become two million. With each tongue I would repeat the name of the Lord, hundreds of thousand times. 7

It has been observed that a large number of spiritual seekers regard the thoughtless state of the mind as the ultimate aim of simran or are satisfied with it as being the ultimate fulfillment. Such seekers make the mistake of doing unproductive repetition without an aim or desire. Proof of this point is given in gurbani as follows-

  1. Everyone utters of God, the dispassionate God. 943
  2. By perfectly (controlling) or (filling) the nine doors, one is accomplished, arriving at the tenth gate. He then sees the true Lord near and merges in Him. The True One is fully filling all hearts. The man unto whom the unmanifest gurbani becomes manifest, He comes to know the True Lord. 943-944
  3. The illimitable Lord Master, he enshrines within his mind.” 944

The yogis call the non-activity, the thoughtless state of the mind – su-n or limitless su-n. The guru advised them that this thoughtless state of mind is beyond the nine doors.

To be continued

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