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Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a giant in the Sikh community. He was a dedicated Sikh who had preached the Guru’s Bani for nearly five decades. He had a brilliant knowledge of Gurbani and the Sikh History. He was a well-travelled missionary and had preached in all corners of the world icluding Europe, America, Africa, South East Asia and Middle East. His style of preaching was forceful, without compromise, logical and blunt.

Born in 1934 at a place called Lak Marwat in District Bannu in present Pakistan, Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was the only son of his parents.

His parents were S. Kartar Singh and Mata Ram Kaur.

He received his primary education from the Khalsa School but was unable to complete his higher education from Government High School due to the partition of India in 1947. After the partition, he and his family went and settled in Alwar in Rajasthan.
The demise of his father in 1952 created an adverse impact on him and he started feeling sad and isolated from worldly issues. Therefore he left home and started learning the basic tenets of Gurbani from various places and from different scholars. He became so engrossed in Gurbani that he himself soon became a learned narrator.

He was married to Bibi Sunder Kaur in 1958 and thereafter made Alwar his permanent home.
Lifestyle Maskeen Ji was a very simple person who advocated simplicity. Wearing simple white clothes with a black turban, he looked very distinguished. His associates and other people accompanying him also followed the same simplicity of dress. He was very down to earth and had a simple and frugal lifestyle. Where ever he went he always preferred to stay at the Gurudwara Sahib and partook his meals from the Langar.

Style of Narration and its Impact
His way of narration was uniquely different from all other scholars whether old or new. He began a particular topic and continued to elaborate on it giving different examples and thereby creating a style which the common person readily understood and could follow in their daily life. His concepts were quiet clear and his voice created a deep impact on all his listeners. Every person whether educated or not would be inspired by him.

Since he himself led the life he preached, and which was based on Gursikhi and Gurmat, people would relate to him easily. This had a tremendous impact on his audiences as he was the living example of what he advocated.
He didn’t hesitate in speaking out the truth and could discourse with the best. Giani Sant Singh Maskeen even used to speak in the gathering of the people belonging to other communities and religions. And everybody was impressed by his persona.

His Foreign Trips
He visited different countries and places including Kabul, Kandhar, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, England, Iran, Thailand , Canada and America among others. Sikh communities in all these countries had great respect for him and always awaited his arrival with great enthusiasm.

He also established a meditation center at his home town Alwar in Rajasthan, India where a Samagam (function) is held every year on the eve of “Hollah Mohallah” and which is attended by the scholars, preachers and learned people of the Sikh Community. The Khalsa School he established at Alwar has been a great success.

He authored more than a dozen books and innumerable audio cassettes and CDs, which have impacted the thinking and way of life of the Sikh Community. His daily discourses of Guru Granth Sahib on National TV network were beamed worldwide. His words provided guidance to many a wavering mind.

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a colossal striding across the contemporary Sikh Society for nearly five decades. His demise has created a vacuum, which would be very difficult to fill. The Sikh Community needed him at this crucial juncture when western influences are making inroads into the Sikh Culture. The loss of Giani Sant Singh Maskeen is indeed, a great loss to the worldwide Sikh Community