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Lekh 112 (page 10-12) – Simran Part 13 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

Audio: Simran Lekh 112 (page 10-12)

It has to be refilled with divine virtues, emotions and love your soul feelings. In this state, in the presence of the sadh sangat, in place of emptiness, the beauteous and infinite tune of the Divine Word, the Divine Music from which divine bliss springs forth, can be heard. In this way intuitional knowledge of the word can be discovered and what ever element the shabad points at that can be experienced.

On the other hand the joyless, thought less su-n state can only exist in a physical meditative state. In the awakened state this thought less state has no meaning and brings no benefits.

It is generally argued that we remember God in our heart. What is the use of putting on a show by uttering with the mouth? But according to gurbani, doing simran with the tongue that is repeating it, is a must- it is mandatory.

  1. With your tongue utter God, God, God’s Name. 1138
  2. He obtains the mint of millions of charities and ablutions and of various purifications and pieties, Says Nanak, who with his tongue utters God’s Name, all his sins are washed off. 706
  3. By uttering it with the tongue, the sins are washed off. 868
  4. My God, my tongue sings your praise and sins committed by me, are washed off. 1080
  5. The tongue which utters not the Name ought to be cut bit by bit. When man forgets his Lord, the King, he declines day by day. 1363
  6. I deliberate over the guru’s word within my mind. With my tongue, I utter the Name of the Lord of the woods. 740
  7. my tongue sing your Lord’s praise. Abandon all other relishes. Sublime is the savor of Lord’s Name. 1220
  8. By whose kindness you abide in comfort with the family, Repeat His Name with your tongue for eight watches. 269
  9. my soul, with your mouth utter the Lord’s GOD’S Name. 527

In reality we make a lot of enquiries about simran, do a lot of research to become knowledgeable, we participate in much intellectual activity, but in the practical sense, we do not do simran.

This enquiry or research is done purely

  1. to participate in intellectual discourses
  2. to do preaching
  3. to appear virtuous
  4. to pander to ones ego
  5. to experience mental entertainment.

In practice, the thought or enthusiasm of doing simran is purely superficial. This thought takes flight at the slightest obstacle or excuses.

  1. All the men utter God’s Name but by such utterance man becomes not one with the Lord. 491
  2. Kabir there is a difference in worshipping “Ram’. there is a point worthy of consideration. The same word everyone uses for Dasrath’s son and the same word for the Wondrous Lord.” 1374
  3. Hardly anyone is your slave, O Lord. Forsaking lust, wrath, avarice and worldly attachment, he sees the Lord’s Feet. 1123
  4. A gursikh accepts the teachings of the guru and is able to bear the unbearable. Rare are those people who can worship thus. Bhai Gurdas Var 40/15

That is why, in gurbani doing simran is regarded as

“It is a very difficult to repeat the True Name.”

“Being engaged in a joyless task”

But in the lofty and pure sublime aura of the spiritual ‘retreat’ in the form of the sadh sangat, the process of simran becomes simple and natural. For this reason the (following) counsel:-

  1. Meet the sadh sangat (company of spiritually awakened souls) and repeat only the Name ( Rahraas)

has been given to us by the Satguru.

  1. Join the society of saints and contemplate on the Lord of Wealth. Thus from a sinner you shall be holy. 631
  2. At every breath, I remember my Lord and I ever abide in the society of saints. God’s Name is my sole support and wealth. From it alone Nanak obtains delight. 533
  3. Remember the True Lord o brother. In the saint’s society, man obtains lasting peace and forgets not the Lord ever. 616
  4. Lord’s meditation is obtained in the saint’s society. All the wealth, o Nanak, are in God’s love. 262
  5. saints, meditate on Lord God, the world cherisher. Meeting with the saint’s society, remember the Lord’s Name that your effort bears fruits. 617

To be continued

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