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Lekh 113 (page 1-3) – Simran Part 14 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

The seekers usual complaint is that the mind does not calm down while doing simran or reading bani.

What ever company we keep – good or bad – its influence or colour affects the mind. This colour within us continues to become ever more permanent and without our knowledge it continues to descend into our subconscious. Within the subconscious, like a computer, the reflection of the self-acquired colour manifests itself slowly through our

  • body
  • mind
  • thoughts
  • deeds.

Without our knowledge, thereby making the mind even more scattered (unsettled).

It is beyond our means to remove the steam from our sub-conscious mind but we can certainly detach ourselves from the external bad company. By mixing with the company of the holy, slowly, the colour or hue of our sub-conscious mind, can change.

When man forgets God, or abandons Him (refuses to acknowledge or listen to Him) the shadow of doubt ridden worldliness or materialism creeps over him and whatever we think, recall or do it is affected by the tint of materialism (worldliness). In this way according to the eternal Truth ‘As I do so shall I reap’ we experience pain – comfort, happiness – grief, heaven-hell etc.

Without God consciousness or Simran our mind is weakened by numerous worries, It becomes restless (agitated) and it revolves around the ego. Trapped in the doubt ridden worldliness the deed prone mind experiences pain.

Whom do men call maya (or mammon)? What work does mammon do?

  1. In pain and comfort mammon has entrapped man and caused him to go about his business in ego. 67

In this way, the biggest sin of worldliness it that its shinny and attractive colour has so mesmerized the mind that it makes us forget the reality ‘God’ and we become entrapped in the circle of pain and pleasure and life & death. It is most difficult to free oneself from this situation.

  1. Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget your feet. Even a bit of love for you does not well up in your slave. What can the poor slave do. 857
  2. Such is the maya by which the Lord is forgotten, worldly love wells and one is attached to the love of another. 921

Our mind is like water. What ever company it keeps, it blends with it – like cold, hot, sweet, bitter, black, white etc. This means that whatever company our mind keeps the company influences its thoughts, emotions, desires and deeds and we according have to face the good and the bad that results.

  1. As is the company one associates with, so is the fruit it eats. 1369

In this way no matter at what stage or level our mind dwells, its effect on our mind or subconscious becomes even more pronounced (ingrained). Therefore it is vital to be able to discriminate between the good and the bad company.

The good or quality company is that in which noble-pure, virtuous and divine thoughts emerge and our minds’ attention gets motivated to link itself – with the reality ‘God’ – such thoughts will certainly help (strengthen) His remembrance or Simran.

Keeping the company of spiritual elevated souls (Sadh Sangat) and doing Simran, as our mind becomes purer, our discriminating power will develop and we will make an effort to save ourselves from low thoughts and deeds. It is for this reason that in Gurbani, keeping the Sadh Sangat or Sat Sangat (True Company) is mandatory (a must).

  1. Join the society of saints and contemplate on the Lord of wealth; Thus from a sinner you shall be holy. 631
  2. Joining the society of saints, contemplate over the name alone. 12
  3. If he joins the society of the saints, then he comes to embrace love for truth. 756

Exactly opposite to this is the negative company of ‘maya’ worldliness. We are so entrapped and besmirched in this negative company that we do not at all feel need for God, His divine qualities and the company of truly spiritual souls.

  1. Maya has spread out its net and in it has placed the bait. The avaricious bird is snared and cannot escape, O my Mother. Man knows (or remembers) not Him who created him and continues coming and going over and over again. 50
  2. The man is entangled in mammon and he has forgotten the Lord’s Name. 1427

These two conditions – Spiritual company and worldly negative company are exact opposites and oppose each other.

The former encourages one toward divine virtues and is helpful towards remembering The Creator and doing Simran.

Exactly opposite, the latter, entraps one in worldliness (maya) causing him to forget God.

  1. Through the company of some salvation is attained. Through the company of others ‘hell’ is obtained. Kabit Bhai Gurdas

For this reason, it is valid for the seeker to save himself that is remain detached from the negative influence of Worldliness. The garden must have a fence, otherwise just as fast the deeds of the negative company of worldliness and its desires will prevent the garden from flourishing or it may destroy it completely.

  1. Some materialists who have forgotten the Lord’s Name are thieves. My soul draw not near them. 170
  2. As far as it is in your power O dear one, do not associate with the maya worshipper. For meeting him God is forgotten. O dear one, he arises and departs with black face. 641

To be continued

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