170310 Gi Sher Singh Ambale Dasam Granth



Giani Sher Singh Ji first points out two important points.  Firstly using a “chicken” as a metaphor he explains that Jaap Sahib and Chaupai Sahib are an inseparable part of the same, i.e. Dasam Granth.  Then he emphasises that if Bhai Mani Singh had any doubts when the wrote the Banee that Guru Gobind Singh was not the author, he would not have stated Mukhvak Patshathi Dasmee or Patshahi Dasmee in the banee.

He goes on to explain that those who are casting doubt on the Dasam Banee are those who want to FINISH OFF the BIR RAS (martial zeal) in Sikhs.  For example “Deh Shiva Bar Mohay …” gives us this martial zeal.  We will loose this BIR RAS if we are separated from Dasam Banee.

This BIR RAS of the Sikhs is evidenced by the respect given to weapons by Guru Gobind Singh and further these are also presently respected at all the Takhts.  The lines from Jaap Sahib “Namo Sasatrapaane Namo Asatra Maane Namo Param Giaataa Namo Loka Maataa ” show this.

Those who cast doubts that, the composition related to BHOG BILAS (human intimacy) in Triya Charitar (Charitro Pakhayan), is not written by Guru Gobind Singh.  Then the question is why is there reference to BHOG BILAS in Jaap Sahib “Namo Bhoga Bhoge ” meaning PARAMESAR (God) is the BHOGI of the BHOGIS (the Greatest Indulger) which also refers to BHOG BILAS (human intimacy).  He goes on to explain that PARMESAR (God) pervades the entire creation.  God is the BHOGI as well as God is the JOGI (one who practices Yog or Jog).

Then they say they believe in KUDRAT (creation).  Giani Ji explain that there is NEKI (good) in creation, there is BADHI (evil) in creation.  The question is why do they go towards BADHI (evil).  They have no complaint about the obscenities in TV.  In fact they sit with their family and watch these obscenities.  Then, why the complaint about Dasam Banee?  

The reason is they want Sikhs to stop having faith in Banee, stop taking Amrit, stop wearing Kirpans, cut off hair and beard and then they achieve their agenda; Sikhi finishes. 

Giani Sher Singh says, they better stop dreaming. All who tried this, e.g. Abdali, Meer Manu, Lakhpat Rai, failed miserably and did not survive.  These people will also not survive.

He goes on the quote the Quran asking the followers to listen and practice the words in the Quran which will be of benefit.  Those who are blind and deaf will not believe in these writings and they are the NASTIKS (non-believers).  The Quran also cites a class who believes but do not learn the scriptures.

Our problem is that we believe in DG and SGGS Ji but we do not learn the teachings therein.  We say we do not have the time and have too many responsibilities.  We leave it to the Granthi to do the PATH (prayer) for us.  We think we will reap the rewards.  Guru Ji says this is not going to work.  We have to do the hard yard ourselves even a little at a time but we have to learn Banee by ourselves.  No one else can do it for us.  Learn from those who know the Banee.

Once we are knowledgeable then nobody will be able to misguide us.  We will be able to recognise them and will not waste time with them.