Waheguru – Chardikala Jatha


Lekh 113 (page 10-12) – Simran Part 17 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

  1. Everyone seems to be care ridden. He alone obtains peace who contemplates on the One Lord.  932

We read through the advice in Gurbani but do so only superficially, we listen to it, but we do not ponder over the inner message. And neither is there a desire in the mind to practice these (teachings).

Our illustrious Gurus have instructed our ego ridden mind and warned us in very forceful words ‘O Big and (rich) man (forever being) flattered by ‘those around’, instead of being absorbed in numerous daily deeds and chores and participating with negative company, accept the teaching ‘COME TO THE ONE HOUSE’ meaning, disregard the urge to be affected by many faceted remembrance (of the world around) and focus the mind on the ‘REMEMBRANCE OF THE ONE’. Only then the practice of simran will be successful.

In winter, we make use of warm clothes and quilts to protect ourselves from the cold. Sometimes, while going to sleep we have noticed that if a part of the quilt does not cover our body fully, that part of the body begins to feel the cold. For this reason, in winter we purchase warm and expensive clothes. But if we ponder over this more deeply, we will realise the truth that the warm clothes do not generate their own heat or warmth – infact, the warmth is within our own body. This body warmth is present within our body, but when the cold air from the outside comes into contact (with the body) this warmth disappears or is neutralised and we begin to feel the cold.

Between this external cold air and the internal physical warmth if there is any block or protection, then the external cold remains outside and the internal physical warmth remains inside. In the same way there is a need to have an insulation between the external cold and the internal warmth, so that the two do not merge into each other.

Exactly in the same way in the internal recesses of our soul, there is a fountain of divine love – bliss – joy but we are moving away from these divine attributes. Because of the external nature of our mind’s attention, we are unaware of the comforts of divine attributes – warmth spiritual ecstasy – bliss – joy. This is the reason why our mind, living in the external materialistic world has become so restless and polluted that it cannot even remember how to remain calm or collected (one pointed).

Over numerous births, this mind has been turning the materialistic spinning wheel in the opposite direction. For this reason, it is very difficult to revert from his external restless nature or thoughts back to his internal, collected state and without focusing within, the mind will never tune into Simran. In conclusion, the link between shabad (word) and surat (consciousness) cannot take place.

Within us, the ‘Divine Light’ is pure. It is all fulfilling in every conceivable attribute. When the curtain of ego surrounds this light, the effect of baser external materialistic thoughts automatically affect or pollute us. This cushion of ego is called the mind. The illuminations from the ‘light’ is pure, but the bulb’s clouded/dirty glass – that is like the mind – though which the light penetrates outwards – causes the light to go progressively dimer and appear cloudy. As the bulb of our mind becomes more polluted with evil thoughts and baser tendencies, the darkness of doubt – fallacies of the mind continues to increase.

As opposed to this, just as we go within our being and direct our attention towards our Soul centre, through the ‘remembrance of the ONE, that is, dwell in the remembrance of the Divine light or indulge in Simran, then our

  • darkness of ignorance will progressively lessen.
  • doubt and fallacies will take leave.
  • minds pollution will reduce.
  • baser/lower tendencies will lessen.
  • Spiritual virtues will come to abide.
  • Will become vessels to receive the blessing of the Divine World.
  • the flow of Guru’s grace will begin.
  • the mind’s awareness will blend with the mind.
  • admission into the Divine World will take place.

In reality the mind like the ‘green plumle’ needs something delicious to whet its appetite, so that it can enjoy the bliss and become fully intoxicated. As long as it does not acquire something lofty, good and delicious divine ‘lick’ (to whet its appetites) until then it almost certain that it will remain absorbed and entangled in lower tendencies, attraction of the senses and negative company.

  1. By abandoning these worldly savours (tastes), that spiritual bliss is attained. By quaffing the Nectar, this worldly relish remains not pleasing. 342

Therefore, to encourage the mind, that is greatly attracted towards the baser/ lower levels of enjoyment, to move towards pure love, bliss, joy – that is to goad (slowly push) it towards Naam Simran. There is a need to graft the mind with divine virtues. This will ensure that our life can become positive, lofty, beautiful, comfortable and emancipated.

This divine graft can only take place in the company of bless gurmukhs and (spiritually) elevated souls who themselves are absorbed in Naam Simran all the time and experience the blissful contact with ones soul. We can only escape from worldly degradation in the company of spiritually elevated souls and our mind then can settle (calm down) in Naam Simran.

  1. Without the society of the holy sadh sangat, Lord’s love does not well up and without love, Your service cannot be performed. 694

To be continued

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