Guru of Ragi Darshan Singh

by Anurag Singh

Ragi Darshan Singh loudly proclaims that he believe in only Guru Granth Sahib and that he has no faith in any other Scripture, venerated by the SIKHS all over the world.  This is a perfidious lie of an ex-communicated Jathedar, known for his deceptions throughout the world.

I am quoting from the book of Julio Ribeiro how Ragi Darshan Singh was used by the secret agencies, exploiting his greed.  To quote the exact words: “One day he (Arvinder Singh, SSP Patiala) asked me for some secret service money to purchase a weapon from the state’s armoury.  He wanted to present a gun to Darshan Singh Ragi, one of the great devotional singers of Punjab…The Ragi was staying in Patiala. Though he earned a lot of money through his golden voice, he was a miser. He was in a position to purchase a gun, but was very happy to have it presented to him.  Arvinder knew his weakness and decided to exploit it. I helped him to do so.”(Bullet for Bullet,p.326.Penguin Books, India, 1999.)

Then he got a licence for a liquor shop, opened 200 yards from the house where Bhai Randhir Singh spent last year’s of his life and died.  Then he also obtained Gas Agency from the same Central Government against which he provoked the youth to take up arms.  Then it was through him that white washing of Golden temple complex was started to whitewash the sins of the Operation Blue Star.

I have gone through Guru Granth Sahib, and nowhere such behaviour is sanctioned by the Guru. It is one of the five evils (Panj Vikars), to be kept under control and not to be encouraged. These are naked truths not in consonance with the philosophy of Guru Granth Sahib or other canonised Scriptures of the Sikh

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