Vaheguru Kaur Khalsa

Lekh 114 (page 6-8) – Simran Part 20 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

1.1 With single mindedness meditate on the Lord. In this way mind misgivings are dispelled. 47

1.2 Sing the praise of the Lord, O friendly saints with alertness and single mindedness. 295

1.3 O my loving soul remember your Lord wit single heart and rapt attention. 653

1.4 With single mindedness and one heart meditate on God with love and affection. 843

1.5 Nanak he who is the heart of his heart repeats Waheguru, Waheguru. The
death’s courier does not draw near him. 515

1.6 Those who meditate on Gpd with one pointedness (full attention) through the guru’s teachings shed their ego and attain peace. VBG5/6

1.7 I am a sacrifice to those Gursikhs, who with full attention concentration meditate on the Guru. VBG12/2

In gurbani warning is given as follows regarding the condition of the mind without attention or concentration:

1.8 Man professes one thing and practices quite another. In his heart there is not
love, but with his mouth he talks tall. 269

1.9 They who have one thing in their heart and another in their mouth are
accounted as false. 486

1.10 I have one thing in my mind and another on my lips. I am an unfortunate
liar. 528

Our materialistic life is a special and practical example of such a situation,

A human being in his ego of doubt and delusion has forgotten his source, God, from many previous lives and is stuck in the quagmire of love and illusion of this world. He is absorbed in the second love (materialism).

1.11 They forget Lord, God the friend, and are attached with the deceitful wealth.
The son, the wife, and the riches do not go with the mortal, but that imperishable God does go (with the mortal). Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the world has perished 133

1.12 The Actor has set up attachment of materialism as a play for the mortals.
The blind apostate (egoist) remains clinging to it. 230

1.13 My Lord, I know nothing. My soul is sold out into materialism’s hand…..
These five vices have corrupted my mind. Every moment they move me
away from God. 710

From many previous lives we have been so absorbed in this false materialism that our lives have become a form of materialism itself. Therefore our

  • thoughts
  • imagination
  • thinking
  • wishes 
  • hopes 
  • love 
  • desires
  • faith 
  • trust
  • company 
  • trade
  • religious actions 
  • labour

or our whole lives are intensely coloured by love of materialism for which reason our


  • awareness
  • thought 
  • insight 
  • tendency 
  • contemplation

have penetrated this false materialism unconsciously, spontaneously and unintentionally to the point that it has become impossible for our attention to come out of it.

In us this false materialism’s

  • awareness 
  • thought 
  • attention 
  • manifestation 
  • faith 
  • tendency 
  • contemplation

etc. manifested from many previous lives because of

  • the company or association of materialism  
  • thinking of materialism 
  • remembering materialism 
  • practicing materialism


to the extent that it has become ingrained in us and materialistic consciousness has become our life style. In this materialistic life we have been

  • born
  • living 
  • wandering
  • carrying out deeds 
  • facing the consequences
  • dying 
  • falling into the hands of yamas
  • being born again


1.1 How can your mind be contented by forgetting God? It cannot be happy either. He who, forsaking the Lord, attaches himself to another, abides in hell. 708

1.2 You shall repeatedly be born and die and born again. You shall suffer much
punishment on your way to the distant country. 1020

02 Golden Temple

To be continued

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