Here is an official mail by brother of Comrade Purewal, revealing the initial gifts received by the spokespersons of SGPC to promote and implement so-called Nanakshahi Calendar-Samvat, which was neither a Calendar nor Samvat since it was a carbon copy of Indian National Saka Calendar, it cannot be called a Sikh Calendar in any manner. Its initial name was Sikh Calendar.

Secondly, it is not even a Samvat, as First a Calendar is prepared or chosen and then an event is selected to start a Samvat. The so-called Nanakshahi Calendar, prepared in 2003 starts from 1 Chet, which is not a Agman Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Thirdly, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in the year 1469CE and not 2003 when this duplicate Calendar was introduced.

Fourthly, in this distorted duplicate Calendar all the Tithis (Lunar dates) of Sikh history were converted in 2003CE, thereby adding the correction of 14 days of solar calendar, and all the dates of Sikh history were distorted and changed by these Adversaries of Guru Panth.

Now all the protagonists of this Duplicate Calendar are raising their shrill voices to revive this dead horse. Even Indian Government banned the original Indian National Saka Calendar in 2015. Imagine the mental sensibility of people like

1. Sukhpreet Singh Udoke,
2. Panthpreet, Dhunda,
3. Dal Khalsa,Institute of Sikh Studies Chandigarh,
4. Tarsem Singh et al.

For them Sikh Calendar (modified Bikrami) introduced, used and popularised by the Sikh Gurus in

⦁ Guru Granth Sahib,
⦁ Dasam Granth Sahib,
⦁ Hukamnamas,
⦁ Works of Bhai Gurdas and
⦁ Bhai Nand Lal and
⦁ all the Sikh historical records

is a Hindu Calendar and a Hindu Calendar encased in the sacred name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is a Original Nanakshahi Calendar.

For these hirelings the Sikh Gurus during their pontificate of 230 years by providing separate

⦁ Scriptures,
⦁ Separate birth,
⦁ marriage, baptism and death ceremonies,
⦁ separate identity and ethics

failed to give SEPARATE IDENTITY to the Sikhs, but a Comrade and Clean Shaved Purewal assumed his Sikh form in 1995-96 and presented Indian National Saka Calendar as Nanakshahi Calendar with the active support of then Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr Beant Singh, is the original Nanakshahi Calendar.

Those who do not know when Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born (1469 or 2003CE) are posing themselves as Neo Reformists, but actually working in tandem with the anti-Sikh forces to push up their politics of assimilation.

Confront these Slanderers of the Guru.

Gur Fateh,