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Lekh 114 (page 9-11) – Simran Part 21 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

1.1 The blind mortal does not know Him who made him. Therefore he shall suffer pain. 1020

 1.2   One greatly wanders in the love of riches. He does deeds as is the writs of his past action. 1193

We carry out many religious actions such as reading religious scriptures and worshiping, to purify our mind – but according to our inclinations we end up by becoming even more polluted than before.

In this way, despite reading of scriptures and worshiping, our mental assessment has moved into debtor balance and the decline is continuing.

When our attention goes to some lowly thought or matter, we should immediately direct our mind towards higher and positive side. But our mind, passing through the polluted circle of materialism, has become powerless. For this reason it is extremely difficult to redirect the mind’s tendency or attention from low side to the higher side.

This opposite procedure or spiritual change is a very long and difficult ‘play’ which can be easily and quickly achieved in the sustained company of blessed beloved- gurmukhs and spiritually endowed souls or society of divine souls accompanied by a desire to serve.

1.3       At the moment, O Nanak,, God out of mercy, attaches man to his love, by association with the saints.    409 

1.4       He on whom the Exalted Lord showers mercy, obtains the society of saints .  The more he frequents the saints congregation, the greater is the love for the Lord.      71

When we are unsuccessful in completing a task despite all our efforts, we then look towards some other power or support. In the same way when our mind is beyond our control, we need to have the protection or support of some powerful divine group or the company of spiritually elevated souls.

1.5  In the society of saints the mind does not go anywhere. In the society of saints the mind attains stability.                                                                                            27

 1.6       Nanak seeks the shelter of the saints, who have over- powered their mind. 815

1.7       The mind roams and rambles in many, many directions. It is only by meeting with the saints that it is overpowered.   1294

 1.8 Mind is impossible to control. But Gurmukhs have easily curbed the mind and  got it absorbed into the soul within . This is made possible by meeting the society of holy souls. Bhai Gurdas 29/9

For this reason in Gurbani we are repeatedly urged to be in the holy company of the satsangat.

1.1       Listen 0 my friend, my intimate and beloved. In the society of the saints you shall be saved in a moment.  195

1.2      Millions of obstacles are removed in a moment, of him ,who hears the Lord God’s gospel in the society of saints .  210

1.3       Win for yourself this invaluable gem of human life, by remembering God even  for a moment in the society of saints.      195

1.4       Supremely pure is thee society of saints, meeting which the love for the lord is embraced.    393

 1.5   Nanak ,joining the society of saints , the sinners become pure and by following the great True Guru, they are emancipated.     528

 1.6   Meeting with the society of saints remember the Lord’s Name so that your service may be fruitful.  617

Our earth has strong gravity which pulls everything towards it.

This gravity works up to many miles around the earth. Beyond that there is limitless space where there is no gravity. If anything reaches this space, it always remains there.

In this universe there are many planets and stars like our earth. Around them, just like the earth, there is varying degree of gravity. When something leaves space and enters the surrounding area of another planet, the gravity of this planet attracts it towards itself.

For example, scientists have researched that the planet moon has its own gravity and whatever thing enters the moon’s atmosphere it gets pulled towards its centre.

Exactly in the same way our mind automatically gets pulled towards materialism by its powerful gravity. This is the reason we unknowingly suffer all our lives by being engrossed into the materialistic world …

1.1       Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations the whole world has perished.   133

 1.2      Thinking and planning evil, he was destroyed. He who had created him also gave him the push.  825

To recognize and understand the materialistic circle’s gravity or pull, and to come out of it, intuitional knowledge and divine light are needed. An assembly of spiritually elevated souls or satsangat is needed as support to come out of this circle. Whenever our mind moves away from the sadhsangat, the materialistic circle’s gravity overpowers us and we dive head along into the materialistic ocean of fire and grief.

1.1    Those who have exceedingly bad luck, yes ill luck, they do not quaff (drink) the dust of the saints feet. The burning fire of the cravings is not stilled and they suffer punishment in the hands of the righteous judge (dharam raj).    1325

Seekers have been heard saying that while they are in the surroundings of sadhsangat, their mind remains focused and their attention is in simran and naam-bani. But as soon as they move away from the sadhsangat, at once, unknowingly and automatically the mind is pulled towards materialism and we are deprived of the divine meanings of Naam-bani simran.

In other words with the motivation of the sadhsangat, the focus of our attention can soar in the sky of divine blissfulness of the spiritual world.

In contrast to this, the moment we come out of the spiritual aura of sadhsangat, by the baser habits and polluted tendencies of our subconscious, our attention gets pulled towards towards the materialistic world.

For this reason gurbani strongly urges that the minds attention should be diverted to Naam-bani-simran in the company of spiritually awakened souls.

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To be continued

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