Ram Ram Bole – Chant the Lord’s Name (by Nirvair Khalsa Jatha) with sangat doing Waheguru Jap.

Beautiful shabad by Nirvair Khalsa Jatha with sangat chanting waheguru @ Seremban Gurdwara, Malaysia, 13 May 2017

WAHEGURU is derived from the composition of four words; the first consonant of each word: “WA”, then “HE” of the second word, followed by “GU” of the third word and “RU” of the fourth word or “Wawa”, “Haha”, “Gaga” and “Rara”.

The first word of the Waheguru is “Wawa” the Guru ji explained that the meanings is Vishnu. God was, known as Vishnu in Sat-jug. So we have WA.

The second consonant HE in Waheguru mantra is “Haha” meaning Hari. God was known as Hari in Duopar Jug.

The thrid consonant is “Gaga”: God was known as Gobind in Kali-jug, representing GU.

The fourth is “Rara”: God was known as Ram ji in Treta-jug, which represents RU.

The above four names or words compose the Gurmantra “Waheguru”. Now when we express the composite word WA.HE.GU.RU once, we are in fact uttering the four japs simultaneously, i.e. we are expressing :Vishnu, Hari, Gobind and Ram. So, by saying Waheguru once, we are infact saying four japs. By repeating “Waheguru” which is the kali-jug Maha-mantra, no more difficulties or problems will set a person providing this mantra is received from the five Pyares by the disciple.

Talks and Dialogues by the Late Saint Naranjan Singh (Shiromani Kathakar)

Patron Saint of SNSM & Niketan, Malaysia

Compiled by the Late Dr Harcharanjit Singh of Malaysia.

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