An example of how chanting WAHEGURU (Naam Japna) protects

The Sikh method of Meditation/Simran is called “Naam Japna” – recitation of the name of Waheguru. It is to remember at all times that he is everything to us. Therefore regularly invoking his name and finally becoming one with him. That is ultimate peace. Doing our Nitnem (five daily banis); reading, singing, understanding and absorbing ‘Gurbani’; attending and participating in Gurdwara activities as part of the Sadh Sangat and doing seva (community service) are all methods of nurturing love for Waheguru. Naam Simran is the activity to draw closer to Him and becoming one with Him. Make Naam Simran your prime activity in this lifetime.

Extracted from:

Naam Simran Made Easy
Dya Singh (Australia)