DESTRUCTION OF SIKHI and KHALSA … How? attack SHARDA … attack our Practices … attack DASAM GRANTH

by Gulam Haider Qadri

Gulam Haider Ji says there are elements who are on the path of destroying Sikhi.

There are elements who denigrate Sharda, like condemning the respect shown to articles/artifacts of our Gurus and of Saintly God loving persons.  

He also states of benefits of the presence and Sangat of  God realised people.  

Then he further goes on the highlight how these elements are destroying our many practices by questioning these practices.

Finally he points our how these elements are destroying the Khalsa by creating doubts and denigrating the Dasam Granth calling it a “Pothi of Dirt”. 

Does this not sound familiar?  This is what the Jagir of MGC and his cohorts are doing.  The attached summarises the trend and danger to Sikhi and Khalsa.

If the ADNs have thier way