Well said Giani Sukhdaiv Singh from Gurpuri …. Jaggo Sikho, Jaggo – the danger of distorted teachings.

About Gurpuri


Gurpuri Foundation (580030-H) was established on 27 Oct 2000 to provide shelter and care to children who had none. It is now an established, nonprofit provider of care services for children in Malaysia. Committed to advocating for underprivileged children, the foundation identifies areas of greatest need for children & youth, and works in partnership with the community to meet those needs.

Gurpuri Foundation was founded as part of a nationwide movement to get orphaned and neglected children into a loving and caring environment where they can blossom into responsible adults.

Giani Sukhdaiv Singh Ji with the support of the Malaysian Sikh community established Gurpuri Foundation. Gurpuri Foundation runs with support from the Malaysian Sikh Community and well-wishers throughout the world.


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