Wise message from our respectful Master Daljit Singh who is one of the pioneers of Sikh Naujawan Sabha and one of the most prominent Sikh in Malaysia, in relation to the contribution of the SGGS Academy to the Sikh  Panth the Sikhi Vichar both in Malaysia and Globally.  He also talks about the misleading publicity given to Sangat using a video clip of prakash (to open a scripture for viewing/reading/reciting) of Dasam Granth” at Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa on 26-12-2016.  Thank you Master Ji for sharing your thoughts.


This accusation is not only misleading but grossly mischievous. Harping and hammering on this issue time and again has caused many strong supporters of Academy to desert the Academy at this crucial time.

We must not forget Academy’s sterling contribution in promoting Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Divine teachings within it over the last 10 years or so locally and abroad.

Now to come back to the issue of INSTALLING DASAM GRANTH EPISODE.

What does installing mean? When we install SGGS Ji’s saroop we bring in Maharaj Ji accompanied with all the regalia of royalty, place it on the decorated throne and the entire sangat present lines up to bow before the Guru. Those who come later follow suit.

What academy sewadars did on that day was not an INSTALLATION.  It was brought in as an EXHIBIT for the public to see its physical saroop for the benefit of people like me who had never seen its saroop even at my age creeping on to 78.

A full installation will include every item of royalty. In this case, the most important item in the regalia was missing on the dias where Dasam Granth was placed namely the ਚੰਦੋਆ CHANDHOAA. Can you ever imagine installing Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji without a chandhoaa? Unthinkable right.

So, you decide if was an attempt to do parkash of Dasam Granth as many out there want us to believe or was it attempt to pace an exhibit before the sangat.

Secondly other than the sewadar who brought Dasam Granth respectfully no other person who was present or who came later bowed before the exhibit. The video that went viral showed no such thing. If such a thing had happened then we can say the people were misled into bowing before an item that is not our GURU.

Now we need to ask ourselves a question. Do we want to stop or kill the goose that lays the golden eggs or do we want it to continue?