Bibi Baldev Kaur Malaysia – simran

Lekh 115 (page 4-6) – Simran Part 23 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

yes, – that changes into suffering.

1. For the sake of comfort, he suffers great pain and waits upon every individual. Like a dog, he wanders from door to door and is not conscious of Lord’s meditation. 411
2. Every one craves for happines and none asks for misery. Immense anguish comes in wake of pleasures but the self-willed understand it not. 57

Every ‘person’ understands and enjoys ‘comfort’ according to his mental make up and colour. That situation which one person classifies as comfort, it is not regarded as comfort by another person. Every person has a different belief about ‘materialistic comfort’ for the acquirement of which he employs many different ways. Therefore, the consideration of ‘comfort’ is connected with our own mental state or colour.

The situation, which a person, today, regards as a source of ‘comfort’ (happiness), with time and personal experience, it appears to become a source of suffering. For such changeable ‘comforts’, man spends his whole life labouring and enduring hardship.

For example, when a son is born in a family, many celebrations abound; joy and happiness are felt. But when that child becomes ill, becomes a prodigal son or dies, then that mental joy changes into ‘suffering’ and ‘worry.

1. Man prays for peace, but pain be-falls him. 330

In other words, wordly ‘materialistic comfort/joy’ are temporary and changeable/unstable. They are not infinite or lasting.

Our effort/labour spent in acquiring these temporary, materialistic comforts/joy just goes to waste.

For example, man uses alcohol and many other forms of addictives/drugs for temporary physical comforts and at the end results in suffering. In this way from the new sense-oriented mental relishes, man searches for comfort and relish. With the momentary experiencing of such enjoyment, numerous untreatable diseases like, T.B., syphilis, leprosy, AIDS etc. are contacted and life becomes a living hell.

1. By asking for comfort, one receives immense discomfort. All the mortals weave a wreath of sins. 222
2. All these worldly attachments, affections and dainties, all of them are but black stains on the soul. He, who departs bearing the stains of his sins on his face, finds no place to sit in Lord’s court. 662
3. As many as are the joys of the body, so many are the pains, which cling to it. 1287

Likewise the desires of material comforts of childhood, youth, married life, old age, knowledge and beliefs are constantly changing. But we forget that our overall imagination of material comforts is not constant, it is temporary and false because it is supplied by false materialism. That is why these materialistic comforts and our desires for them are all false.

That is why we are admonished in Gurbani.

1. O slave Nanak, without the Lord’s meditation, there is no peace even in dream. 1231
2. There is no peace, O mortal, without the devotional service of God. 210
3. Without God’s Name peace ensues not. By making various prolixities I have verified this. 48
4. Without meditating on God, comfort is not obtained. All the other loves of materialism are insipid. 194
5. Without God’s meditation there is no emancipation, nor has any one attained peace. 215
6. If you forget God, why deemest yourself to be in peace. 184

On the other side, for the acquirement of infinite and permanent ‘comfort/joy’, gurbani guides us as follows

1. If you desirest ever-lasting peace, O brother, the Guru counsels you to associate with saints. There the Lord’s Name alone is meditated upon. By the saints’ society one is emancipated. 1182
2. Remember, remember, by remembering God you shall obtain peace and thus remove from within your body, strife and anguish. 262
3. By meditating and pondering on the Lord, Nanak has obtained peace. Throughout the eight watches of the day he sings Your praises. All his heart’s desires are fulfilled and he shall never more be distressed. 106
4. All your sorrows shall vanish, O Nanak, utter the Name of the Lord of excellences. 290
5. Remember, remember, remember the Name and obtain peace. You repeat the Name and make others to repeat it. 290
6. Remembering the Lord, thy mind shall ever abide in bliss and peace and your soul shall become calm and cool. 860
7. Peace in this world, peace in the next one and peace for all times is obtained through God’s meditation. Ever utter you the Name of the Lord. 683

In Gurbani, ‘Gobind-Simran’ is potrayed as the ocean for all joys and comforts.

1. Your meditation, O World Lord is an ocean of peace, so Your saints sing ever Your praises. 925
2. I forget not the Lord, the Ocean of happiness, and obtain my heart desired fruits. 620

According to the Gurus utterance “As you serve, so shall you become”, the effect of our deeds on our mind is mandatory.

With the ‘baser company’ of materialism we forget the Lord and the vices of the ‘materialistic world’ diffuse into us.

1. O Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget Your feet. Even a bit of love for You wells not up in Your slave. What can the poor slave do? 857 This mammon is the enticer of the world, O brother and all the deeds done in its wake are sinful. 635


To be continued

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