Aphtar Singh, exco member tender his resignation on MGC’s EGM on 27 May 2017 at Gurdwara Sahib Sentul, Malaysia

resignation 01

Below is an extract from Aphtar’s letter of  resignation.  Thank you for sharing this as it shows the modus operandi of MGC.

  1. I strongly reject and condemn the unauthorized and unsikh decisions made by the President, so call representatives of MGC and some Sikh organizations and Sikh scholars and enforced on the sangat and the Gurdwaras using MGC’s letterhead. The decisions were not made by MGC.
  2. I condemn the following decisions:
    1. The prohibition and ban on preaching and reciting the Dasam Granth Bani in Gurdwaras.
    2. Instead of respecting, implementing the Gurmatas, Matas, Adesh and Sandesh of the Takhats, the President and his men slander (Ninda) the Takhats and Jathedar and question the right of the Takhats to issue hukamnamas.
    3. The President’s use of MGC letterhead to call on the Gurdwara Parbhandaks to abide by the decision of the religiously based Sikh Socities to diasallow Parcharak Kathavachak and Kirtani Jathas from Academy. Why should Gurdwaras abide by the decision of these unauthorized people?
  3. I also strongly condemn MGC association with the Panth Dokhi Global Sikh Council and support for Gurmat Virodhi paracharaks.

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resignation 03

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