Bhai Avtar Singh – Ram Raam Jaap

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

  1. Through the Guru’s word, the mind becomes immaculate and the mind’s ego is stilled. 1334
  2. They, who remember God with single-mindedness and single heartedly attach their souls to the True Guru. They are rid of pain, hunger and the great malady of ego and attuned to God, they become disease-free. 1423

“All those that are seen; they are disease stricken. It is only my True Guru, united with God, who is free from the disease” (1140).

According to this statement of Guru, we human beings are suffering from some physical , mental or spiritual disease. We try to be cured of these and make efforts according to our understanding ability and reach but despite this we do not become fully healthy. The cause of this lies in the fact that our lives are subordinate to the materialistic doubt delusion or ego.

The doubt ridden fallacy of materialism is the centre or source of all physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. For this reason the only permanent cure of all diseases, according to Gurbani, is to remember God or do simran – because it is through simran that we will be in the company of the Satgur (God) who is ever without diseases and thus he freed from all diseases and thus he is freed from all diseases. In this way Simran of the Lord is medicine for all ills.

  1. Remembering God, through the guru, all the diseases have vanished an healthy has become the body. 574
  2. Meditating on the Lord, the body and soul are reverduted and the sorrow departs. In the saints’ society, utter you the God’s praise and all your ailments shall vanish. 706
  3. Contemplating the Lord Master God, the mortal becomes hale and hearty. 817
  4. I have met with all success, my tasks are all accomplished and my ailment of ego is wholly eradicated. Meeting with the guru, I utter God’s Name and am rid of millions of sins in an instant. 1213
  5. Dwelling on the Lord, ills and woes are annulled. An the man is blesses with all his heart-desired boons. 866
  6. Lord’s Name is the panacea of all the ills. 274
  7. The malady which is not cured by many remedies, that malady is vanished by administering the medicine of God’s Name. 288

By subordinating ourselves to materialism we perform deeds and bear sufferings. In the love of materialism, we are action-bound and we have to pass through the circle of ‘birth-death’ or ‘coming-going’. In this way we experience suffering-happiness in every life according to our actions.

To come out of this materialistic birth-death cycle Gurbani tells the method thus:-

  1. Reflecting on that Lord, they cross the terrible world-ocean and end their comings and goings. They ever enjoy pleasure, peace by hymning the Lord’ praise and to them seems sweet the Lord’s will. 926
  2. Nanak utters but the One Lord’s Name, he shall wander not in existence again. 1193 
  3. Whosoever remember Him, he is very fortunate and he enters not existence again. 1086
  4. Meditate you on Him by whose meditation, bliss ensues and the fear and pain of birth and death are removed. An you shall obtain the four cardinal boons and nine treasures and shall not feel thirst and hunger again. 617
  5. He, within whose mind His Lord abides, is of perfect destiny and utters the Name of the Guru-God. He, who realizes that Lord within all, wanders and wails not in existence again. 1079

The whole universe is absorbed in the false materialism of doubt fallacy.  Like the silk worm, man has made a cocoon of ‘doubt-fort’ around himself. In this dark fort he is born, lives, performs deeds, suffers, dies and is re-born.

  1. He wanders about in myriad of existence, dies and is born again. 705

To put away the darkness of the doubt-delusion, Gurbani advises us to do Simran.

  1. Uttering the Lord’s Name, all the doubts are dispelled. 874
  2. Remembering the Lord of the world, your doubt and read shall be dispelled. 1004 
  3. By meditating/remembering the Lord you become cool (and calm). Suffering, pain and doubt will depart. 1219
  4. Contemplating my Lord, every trace of my doubt is effaced and receiving the salv of wisdom my eyes have awakened from sleep. 1301

To save himself from the worldly cycle of births-deaths and to enjoy the comforts of heaven man tries to achieve salvation. In achieving this he comes under the influence of his ego of doubt delusion and performs many kinds of deed and rituals through hard labour but Gurbani mentions Simran as the easy way to salvation.

  1. The Lord, who has blessed you with human life, why have you forgotten Him? By remembering whom man is emancipated, His praise you sing not even a moment. 902 
  2. By Singing God’s excellence, even for a moment one obtains everything; heaven, emancipation and salvation. 290
  3. Remembering whom you shall obtain the gate of emancipation, go to the True Abode and return not to this world. 971
  4. Embrace you such meditation within your mind. Without the Lord’s contemplation, salvation can never be attained to. 971

We have become so involved with materialism that we have become a form of materialism ourselves. Repeating and remembering this false materialism has become a way of Life. For this reason we have forgotten the Supreme Being and turned away from him. Thus our condition is like,

“Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the world has perished” (133)

To remove man from the materialistic doubt-delusion of this very dark age and to subordinate him to soul, the easiest method is to subject him to the company of satsangat. This worldly ocean can be swum with the company of spiritually elevated souls.

  1. Without the society of saints, none does swim across. 373

To be continued

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