Tej Pratap Singh – Sach Kaho Sun Leho

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

  1. Associating with the saints, I shall assuredly be saved. 1071

Therefore, in Gurbani the seekers of truth are urged to do Simran in Satsangat where the dynamic rays of the Supreme Light are automatically distributing the love of ‘Naam”.

  1. Go and sit in the society of saints where Lord God’s Name is churned (meditated upon) 587
  2. In the society of saints, man is absorbed in God’s love and takes to Lord’s meditation. 457
  3. Lord’s meditation is attained in the Saints’ society. All the wealth, O Nanak, are in God’s love. 262
  4. O saints, meditate on Lord God, the world-cherisher. Meeting with the saints’ society, remember you the Lord’s Name so that your service may be fruitful. 617
  5. By great good fortune the perfect Guru is attained to. Meeting with the saints, contemplate you the Lord’s Name. 804
  6. All the affairs are resolved, by singing the praises of God, the Cherisher of the World. Joining the saints’ society, when I meditate on the Lord, I am rid of the agony of death. 1322
  7. Contemplating the Lord in the society of the saints, man comings and goings are ended and his sufferings are effaced as well. Imbued with the love of the Transcendent Lord, the sinners are sanctified in an instant. 1300
  8. Joining the society of saints, contemplate over the Name alone. 12

Many truth-seekers regard mental powers or miracles as the way to achieve their aim and to achieve these they indulge in various disciplines. In this way they become involved in stubborn acts (fanaticism) and just waste their invaluable lives away.

According to Gurbani, such supernatural and many kinds of mental powers can be easily acquired by those who do Simran but Gursikhs regard these as useless deeds and refrain from using them.

  1. In Lord’s meditation are wealth, mythical powers and the nine treasures. 262
  2. The nine treasures and eighteen miraculous powers go after him, who ever keeps enshrined the Lord within his mind. 649
  3. The nine treasures, then enter my home. Everything, everything I do obtain my meditating on the Lord’s Name. 452
  4. Whosoever remembers the True Guru, he is blest with wealth, miraculous powers and the nine treasures. 1405

God is a form of love, that is why in Gurbani, he is said to be the ‘Love Man’. In God’s universe the divine flow of love is pouring all the time. It i said to be the will of God. Without this divine ‘love-string’ the

whole universe can be scattered in a second and be destroyed. Because the divine ‘love-string’ has become loose in this very dark age, there is

  • jealously – duality
  • enmity –opposition
  • fighting – argument
  • controversy
  • selfishness
  • religious bias
  • hatred etc.

and the materialistic vices are in action and predominating.

To tighten and restore this divine ‘love-string’ Gurbani urges us to be in the company of Satsangat because:-

  1. As is the company it associates with, so is the fruit it eats. 1369

Simran is done easily in the divine aura of sadhsangat. In this lofty pure spiritual aura, waves of one’s own love rise which have divine effects on our minds and our soul enjoys the relish of its ‘own self love’.

  1. my soul, with your mouth, utter you the Lord’s God’s Name. The Guru-ward is imbued with the poppy-flower-like red colour and her cloak is saturated with her Lord’s love. 527
  2. The holyman contemplates his Lord with hearty love. 941
  3. Contemplating the Lord-God by the True Guru’s instruction, the mortal succeeds with Him. If the Peace-giving Lord abides in man’s mind here, then becomes He his succourer in the end. When the Guru imparts understanding, then wells up in the man’s mind, the love for the Lord. 1087
  4. Should you, your ego and turn your face God-wards and uttering the guru’s Name, long you for him in your mind. My Groom is the over of affection. 1306
  5. By the Guru’s instruction, the chaste bride utters the God’s Name. Day and night, she remains attracted by the Lord’s love and her body garment is imbued with God and God’s love. 1424
  6. All of you listen (I’m) telling the truth. He who loves truly , only he shall meet God. Tavparsaaad Sawyeh Pat.10 – Guru Gobind Singh

To be continued

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