Bhai Terlochan Singh (Singapore) – Gaouri Sukhmani

by Bhau Ji

Generally the entire gurbani stresses the importance of simran – but in Sukhmani Sahib special emphasis, importance and praise has been placed on simran and the need to do simran has been especially stressed-a mandatory order has been given.

  1. Remember, remember God. By remembering Him you shall attain peace and wipe out from within your body strife and anguish.
  2. Remember the praise of the Lord alone whose presence fills the entire world. Uncountable are the people who utter the Lord’s various Names. 
  3. The Veds, Purans and Simirtis of pure word are the creation of the one word of the Lord’s Name.
  4. He who treasures even a tiny particle of God’s Name in his heart, that persons praises cannot be overstated. 262

Together with this are stated the numerous benefits of doing simran and simran has been referred to as the treasure house of all comforts.  

  1. By the Lord’s meditation man does not enter the womb. By the Lord’s meditation the torture of death takes flight. 
  2. By the Lord’s meditation death is removed. By the Lord’s meditation, the enemy keeps away. 
  3. By remembering the Lord no obstacle is met. By the Lord’s meditation, man remains watchful night & day. 
  4. By the Lord’s meditation, man ceases to fear. By the Lord’s meditation, sorrows stop troubling man. 
  5. Lord’s meditation is attained in the company of saints. All the wealth, O Nanak, is in God’s love. 262

According to gurbani, in this way – with the single effort of simran:

  • All types of troubles misunderstandings, worries etc get erased.
  • All types of physical, mental and spiritual comforts, bliss, salvation are attained.
  • All the priceless gifts of the divine world are made available.
  • Through spiritual awareness, the knowledge of the hidden secrets of the divine world are illuminated.

Even though our ego ridden ignorant mind does not understand or believe these miracles of the divine world or the hidden secrets-but the intuitional knowledge and revelation found in gurbani is

  • the truth !
  • the exclusive truth !!
  • permanent !!!

To understand this difficult topic, some views are presented below:-

Creation can be divided into two worlds.

  • The Spiritual World or the world of Truth
  • Materialistic / Physical World
  1. The Lord of Himself created His Own self and He Himself brought into being the Name. Secondly, He made the creation and seated within it, He beholds it with delight. 463

This eternal creation was brought into being by the Timeless Creater through the SPIRITUAL WORD and it continues to exist by virtue of the omniscient laws ordained by DIVINE ORDER.

  1. By the Lord’s order physical forms are produced.His order cannot be narrated. With His order the souls come into being and by His order greatness is obtained.  By His command the mortals are made high and low and by His written command  they obtain grief or joy.  Some obtain gifts through His order and some through His order are ever made to wonder in transmigration. (page 1)

According to the divine order both these worlds have their individual

  • law,
  • order,
  • routine,
  • virtues and sins,
  • hue and pleasure,
  • self love,

In the Divine World or the Sphere of Truth the Formless One Himself resides.

  1. The Formless Lord dwell in the sphere of truth. 8

This Divine World is not some worldly island that can be seen, instead it that wonderous plane or level of DIVINE AWARENESS where Divine

  • love
  • affection
  • flavour
  • joy
  • comfort
  • bliss
  • heavenly music
  • life current
  • illunination
  • guru’s grace
  • merciful glance
  • blessing
  • word
  • naam

is completely encompassing and omnipresent. Here in the FormlessLord’s ‘divine illumination’, evolved gurmukh souls experience

  • eternal divine peace
  • supremely wondrous emotion
  • continuous rapturous music
  • divine love within the self

and feel the eternal-wondrous hue and rapture and warm presence of their Formless lover.

  1. My mother, I am wonder struck to see my Lord. My soul is bewitched by the unstruck melody, wondrous is the whole relish. 1226 

    To be continued

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