Bhai Surjit Singh – Halat Sukh Palat Sukh Nit Sukh Simarano

by Bhau Ji

  1. Millions of obstacles come in the way of him, who forgets the Name. He croaks at night and day, O Nanak, like a crow in an empty house. (522) 
  2. When Man forgets you, O Lord, then all the sufferings and sorrows cling to him. If he makes lakes of effort, even then he is not rid of them, ever. (964)
  3. He remembers not the creator, so miseries overtake him again and again. (751)

Without simaran we come under the control of the yamas.

  1. He who remembers not his Master, Him the Death’s myrmidon awards punishment. (964)
  2. They who forget the Lord’s name and do many other deeds. They are bound and beaten in Yama’s city, O Nanak, the thief caught on the spot. (1247) 
  3. Yet, if he has not embraced love for the Supreme Lord, then he shall assuredly go to hell. (70)
  4. If he remembers not the Lofty Lord, he shall fall in the power of death’s myrmidon. (71)
  5. O my soul, why forget you the Lord ‘s name? When the body perishes, you shall have to deal with the death’s courier. 1186

Without simran one cannot obtain eternal happiness (comfort)-

  1. Without God’s meditation, comfort is not obtained. All other loves of mammon are insipid. (194)
  2. Collating, collating and collating I have found this to be a reality, that without the Name, there is no peace and the mortal assuredly fails. (761/62)
  3. There is no peace, O mortal, without the devotional service of God. Win for yourself this invaluable gem of human life, by remembering God even for a moment in the Society of Saints. (210)
  4. If you forget God, why do you deem yourself to be in peace. (184)

Without simran and keeping the bad company of mammon from many lives, we make our abode in materialistic excreta.

  1. They abide in ordure and are cast into existence again and again. Nanak, without the name , the death’s courier punishes them and they ultimately depart repenting. (591) 
  2. Who has given him all the things, Him the man, remembers not. Engrossed in the arch deadly sins his day and night are wasted. (395) 
  3. Without the Lord’s meditation, he abides in ordure and in ordure he falls again and again. (1061)
  4. You know not the way to Lord’s meditation, and have sold yourself to mammon’s hand. The mad man remains entangled with the vices, and forgets the jewel of the Name. (633)

Without God’s simran we become engrossed in the botherations of mammon and suffer hell-

  1. For many births, the mortal wandered in existence. Without God’s meditation, he falls into hell. (1192) 
  2. Yet, if he has not embraced the love for the Supreme Lord he shall assuredly go to hell. (70)
  3. The mortal contemplates not over the Pervading God and is fascinated by the pleasures of sin. By forgetting the Name, he lands in hell and heaven O Nanak. (298)
  4. The man, who embraces not affection for the Name goes to hell even though he performs millions of ceremonial rites. (240)
  5. Forgetting the Name, he treads on another path and so falls into terrible hell. (1225)

By forgetting God, we fall in the circle of births and deaths-

  1. The ignorant fool who forsakes Him and attaches him to another continues coming and going. (530)
  2. Till the time Man’s tongue repeats the Lord’s name, he continues coming going and bemoaning. (325)
  3. You enjoy various pleasures, but they are vain without God’s name. Without devotion to God, you shall weep yourself to death and destruction.  (398) 
  4. Without serving the true Guru, the men are dead and they waste their life in vain. In duality, they suffer severe pain, die, and are born again and continue coming and going. (591)

By forgetting God, we are under the control of the materialistic ‘Serpent ‘.  A snake burns with its own internal poison and whoever comes near it is given its poisonous sting.

  1. Without Lord’s meditation to live is like burning in fire, even though, like a serpent, one’s life may be long. (712)
  2. Without Lord’s meditation, mortal’s life is like that of a snake. So lives the mammon worshipper, by forgetting the Name. (239)

Without the Lord’s simran whatever actions we indulge in, are shameful.

  1. Without Lord’s meditation accursed is the doing of works. Like the crow’s beak an apostate’s abode is in ordure. Without meditation man’s deeds become like dog’s.  The infidel is nameless like a prostitute’s son. (239) 
  2. Forsaking the Lord’s praise and eulogy, the swan is attached to the skeletons, wherefore he receives hundreds of reproaches in a day and thousands in a night. 790
  3. Accursed is such a life , wherein man distends his belly by eating. Nanak , without the True Name, all the friends turn into enemies. (790)

In this way by not doing Simran or forgetting God, Man is in a deplorable plight. But we are so engrossed in the doubts and fallacies of materialism that our attention does not go towards Simran at all.

To be continued

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