Sikh Channel Interviews Dr Anurag Singh on Gurdwara Dongmar Sahib, Sikkim. The Gurdwara is presently locked and sealed.

Pawan Chamling, CM Sikkim first forcefully evacuated Gurudwara GuruDaangmar, targeted the next at Chungthangn now gives assurance to protect them but whether Sikhs permitted to visit there?


The gurudwara Gurudaangmar is seen locked and sealed, a notice is pasted on it, Buddhist flags are seen as evidence to convert Sikh religious place into Buddhist place of worship in a Buddhist majority state. 

I wonder how politicians change their views, their opinions, their committed sins but immediately change their stances when exposed like CM Sikkim Pawan Chamling who misused his official position and his office by taking advantage of laws enacted in 1991 and than 2001 to take over the forced control of Gurudwara GuruDangmar in Sikkim, its SDM Chungthang Sonam Topge Tashi locked and sealed the doors of Gurudwara, forcefully evacuated it, sacrileges the holy Guru Granth Sahib by confiscation, packing and placing in a dis-respective manner in a vehicle, its treasury box, and other religious scriptures other than holy items to be used in a Gurudwara, were taken away and brought down to 80 kms down at Gurudwara Chungthang and abondoned on the roadside in a street on 16th August 2017 before these officials moved away.

When the video shots gone viral on this disrespect, the Sikkim govt issued a Press release and its SDM Sonam Topge Tashi explained every detail in it which you can read at . Our reply is also given at same Press release in red letters.

In response, SIkkim govt tried to terrorize Sikh world by threatening and misleading the nation on encroachment of a Gurudwara Chungthang built in 1969, a team by revenue officials and other concerned agencies was sent there to measure the land. It didn’t end by scrutiny only but took a step to hurt Sikh sentiments when the Govt erected a wall in front of this Gurudwara to obstruct the visiting devotees as Sikhs who are micro minority in Sikkim. The civilian sikhs may not be a dozen, if Sikhs mark their presence in this state that is due to their posting in this sensitive zone but Sikkim govt. awarded them in return of their services to this nation by forcefully occupying their Gurudwaras, inciting them to revolt.


Desecration of SGGS-1

Yesterday in a meet with delegation of DSGMC in Delhi, Pawan kumar assured to sort out this dispute by 15th and set up a committee to loon into this dispute.

We Sikhs all over the world would like to ask him who created this dispute? His response was that it was not the state govt behind this misshapen but local Lamas. This way he wants to create tension and animosity in local Lamas and the Sikh community. If the local Lamas did it, why no action is ever taken by state govt and no arrest till date, why Gurudwara is sealed and a notice pasted?

What for and by whom?

Is this not the hypocrisy?



Ajmer Singh Randhawa.