by Bhau Ji

Hans Raj Hans – Akhiyan Ne Taras Diyan

  1. my soul, ever allied you with your Lord. Ever allied you with your God. O my soul and He shall make you forget all sufferings. (917)

If a child is very obstinate or does not follow orders, then the mother gives him things he likes such as, chocolate as incentive to get him to do what he wants. In the same way, in Gurbani people, have him given the incentive of mind-attracting, beautiful, supernatural, hard to get mental and spiritual happiness so that somehow they may turn their face from materialism toward the spiritual path.

  1. By remembering God, all the anguishes have ended. Lord’s Lotus feet are enshrined within the mind. (194) 
  2. By Lord’s meditation, man enters not the womb.

By Lord’s meditation, the torture of death flees.

By Lord’s meditation, death is removed.

By Lord’s meditaion, the enemy keeps away. 

By remembering the Lord no obstacle is met.

By Lord’s meditation, man remains watchful day and might.

By Lord’s meditation, fear overtake not.

By Lord’s meditation, sorrow troubles not. (262) 

  1. Emancipated and liberated are they who remember You, O’Lord. Their death’s noose is cut. (11)
  2. They, who repeat the Lord God’s Name, then the death’s courier passes by. (645)
  3. By remembering God, your calamity shall be averted and all the joys shall come and abide within your mind. (193)
  4. Contemplating the Name, all the sins are erased and the accent papers of the righteous judge are torn off. (1348)
  5. Ever, ever contemplate you the Lord’s Name. No affliction of old age and death shall overtake you and your affairs in the Lord’s court hereafter shall be adjusted. (824) 
  6. The Lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the comforts. In His power is the elysian cow. So, O my Soul, meditate on such Lord, then alone, shall you obtain all the comforts, O my Soul. (669/70) 
  7. By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green. By remembering whom, the sinking stones float. (182/83)

When the child becomes stubborn and naughty despite giving him love, care and incentives the parents have to use strict methods to rehabilitate him. Similarly, to save people from doubts and fallacies of materialism and it’s attractive, glittering, deceitful miracles of charm, Gurbani uses many methods –

  1. My silly soul, contemplate you your Pease-Giving Lord. Slave Nanak instructs you this way. (1388) 
  2. Says Kabir, the fools, the blockheads and the brutes meditate not on their Lord. They realise not the Lord’s Name. How shall they be ferried across? 1105 
  3. Difficulty acquirable human body is procured through the greatest good fortune. They who remember not God’s Name are the self murderers. Why don’t they die, who forget the pervading God?  Without the Name, of what avail is the life? (188) 
  4. Vile are they, who forget their Master. O Nanak, without God’s Name, the mortals are outcaste wretches. (349)
  5. He knows not the Name of the Pervading God. O fool, you shall again, repent afterwards. (156) 
  6. O man, what evil understanding have you harboured? You are engrossed in the pleasure of other men’s women and in slander, and the Pervading God, you worship not. (631)
  7. He, who contemplates not the Name dies of shame. Without the Name, how can he sleep in peace? (1148) 
  8. Accused is the life of those, who cherish not the Name. They endure great hardship.  They are goaded into existences over and over again as they are unfortunate fools bereft of God’s grace. (799)

But man has become so self-willed, stubborn and audacious that despite reading, hearing, singing daily the advice aid teachings of the Gurus, he forgets all and is being carried away blindly by the materialistic flow.

  1. The stupid man, as yet reforms himself not, though I have grown weary of ever instructing him. Nanak, if mortal sings songs of Lord’s praise, he crosses over the terrible world ocean. (536) 
  2. This very day come to your senses. No harm is done yet. So utter you the Name of the Lord , the Enemy of pride. (633)

To be continued (Lekh 119)

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