by Dr Anurag Singh

Now the Ghost Of RSS is out in the open. Right from the enactment of the Gurdawara Act the ruling Political Parties have interfered in the working of Gurdwaras through their nominees.  First It was the British Government, then Congress Government and now BJP-RSS combine.

During the last 50 years the trend is that whosoever is Ruling at the Centre their associates with Akali Badges are controllers of our Gurdawaras.  Mrs.Indira Gandhi did not hold SGPC Elections for 19 years to keep her obliging tool in power and the Sikhs suffered untold miseries under his regime, including the induction of Comrade lobby in SGPC and Educational Institutions.  Operation Blue-Star was also his secret baby.

Then came the BJP with RSS as driving force and Badals became Custodians Of our Gurdwaras.  During his stewardship we lost everything dear to Sikhism:

  • Discipline,
  • Supremacy of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib,
  • Sacrilegious Activities,
  • Burning of sacred Scriptures,
  • Loss Of Heritage through Kar Sewa Wale Babas,
  • Fresh Controversies on Calendar,
  • Dasam Granth,
  • Nitnem,
  • Ardasa,
  • Khalsa Baptism,
  • Power of the Ecclesiastical Court of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib,
  • Hooliganism inside the Darbar Sahib Complex,
  • Bestowing the Sirapaus,
  • Arbitrary appointments and dismissals Of Head Preists Of Takhats And Historical Shrines,
  • appointing RSS nominees like Mr. Harcharan Singh as Chief (Mischief) Secretary with salary plus perks Rs.,500,000/ unknown in Gurdawara history,
  • arbitrary appointments and removals of Presidents and undue interference in internal religious affairs of the Sikhs without solving single problem of the Sikhs Till date; rather problems are multiplying.

Now RSS is at our door in exchange of favours given to these political leaders and the leaders are blaming each other without any solution.


  1. To give a message to BJP/RSS all Akalis should return the favours received from the Government immediately, including Ministerial Post Of Harsimrat Badal And Two seats in Delhi Corporation.
  2. Secondly, the Hukamnama of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib should be enforced first on Custodians Of our Gurdawara Committees And People will automatically follow.

Snap your ties with BJP/RSS as well as Congress and work independently with Panthic agenda for which Punjabi Suba was created after many sacrifices.




01 Book is now no longer our life.


02 Accusing each other is the symbol of weakness and enmity.  In Sewa we do not expect any enmity. Gurdwaras are for Sewa and Simran and not for dirty political games to earn Name, fame and gains.


03 Present situation of the Sikhs.  Every decision and comment reflects political affiliations and not religious mindset.


04 Alliance with BJP is a political and not religious.  We do not want such political Imposters as Guardians Of our Religious Institutions.  Reject And oppose them or people will reject you outright in the coming days.


05 Dangerous Alarming Signals For Sikhs in DSGMC.


06 Shame on such Sikhs who go with Siapaus to PM to enhance their personal prestige at the cost of lowering the prestige of the Sikhs.  In the photo in box is Dr Avatar Singh Shastri, who 7 years back was Avtar Shastri and now is Avatar Singh Shastri and leading Rashtriya Sikh Sangat. — with Jasvinder Singh Khalsa.


07 Hukamnama dated 23.7.2004 of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. Who will implement it and when.


08 Page.1 Hukamnama of Sri Akal Takhat dated 1.1.2001.  Punish those who have openly violated it and put the Gur-Panth in present crisis.


09 Page.2 Of Hukamnama dated 1.1.2001. Of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib.


10 Hukamnama of the Ecclesiastical Court of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib dated 13.7.2004.  When it will be implemented by Akali Dals of all hues.