Amarjit Singh AJS – Prabh Dori Hath tumare

by Bhau Ji
O divine beings, detach yourself from worldly wisdom and immerse yourself in God’s meditation

It is said that from man’s whole life, this period of carefree innocence or childhood is most comfortable, free from worry and joyous.

  1. O, adopting a child’s mind, I have attained peace . 214

Filled by mother’s faithful affection and love, a child in his unspoken language, spontaneously and unknowingly contemplates

  • on the mother
  • worships the mother
  • remembers the mother
  • enjoys mother’s love.

As the child’s mind develops he gets entangled in the web of doubt on seeing the scintillating miracles of knowledge and science. Gradually his faith and affection towards the mother lessens and caught in his own wisdom, he deprives himself of the mother’s love comfort and warmth.

In the same way, hanging up side down in the unearthly place of the mother’s womb, the child is continuously doing simran and his mind is absorbed in the Lord.

When he comes into this world his mind

  • is affected by the shadow of ‘materialism’
  • is influenced by the doubt-fallacy of the ‘ego’
  • is faced with the growth of the ‘me-mine’ desire
  • is entrapped in ‘duality’
  • is infected by desire
  • forgets the Lord
  • breaks the link with the Lord.
  1. As is the fire of womb within, so is the fire of worldliness without. The fire of worldly valuables and the fire of the womb are all the same, a play, the creator has set in motion. When it pleases HIM then the child is born into a good family (human form).  When the Lord’s love departs, greed takes its place and worldliness spreads its charm. 921

In this way, man under the influence of the scintillating miraculous charms of worldliness, imposes his wisdom and deprives himself of the comfort and the bliss of the warm bosom of the ‘Divine Mother’ that is God.

In this situation Gurbani warns us as follows:-

  1. You O Sheikh, who are wondering in four directions and blown by the four winds, bring this mind of yours into the Lord’s One Mansion. Abandon you crooked ways and realize the Guru’s instructions. 646 
  2. He who walks according to his own will, O brother, is separated from the Lord and bears blows. 601

If we wish to enjoy again the warmth of God’s comfortable bosom, then like the baby, we have to have place our full faith and affection in the INFINITE LORD. To escape from the ego ridden wisdom and the “fear- anxiety-problems” that arise from such wisdom, Gurbani urges us to:-

  1. Abandon your cleverness, O good man and remember the Lord God. Keep hope in the One Lord in your mind, and your distress, doubt and dread shall depart. 281 
  2. If you desire eternal bliss O Nanak, always remember the Omnipresent Lord. 714
  3. Without the Naam of what use are the other services, virtues and cleverness. O Nanak contemplate on the Lord’s Naam and you shall be released from your shackles. 729

Now the question arises, – how can the baby like innocent confidence, love and affection, faith filled with love be obtained?

Such spiritual spontaneous-confidence, affection and faith filled with love cannot be obtained through:-

  • Intellectual learning
  • Philosophies
  • Reading scriptures – worship
  • Rituals – ceremonies
  • Yogic disciplines

because the external intellectual knowledge is limited up to and by our tiny intellect which keeps on changing according to the hue (colouring) of our mind.

On the other hand spiritual faith, confidence and love filled worship springs forth without knowing, spontaneously from within our soul. For this reason it is assured and permanent.

Such spiritual confidence can only grow and develop in the service and the company of:-

  • God orientated (gurmukh) beloveds
  • the blessed and evolved souls
  • the ones with spiritual life
  • God’s slaves.

For this reason, we are continually urged in Gurbani to do simran in the sadh-sangat.

  1. O’ my soul! Contemplate over the Name of the Lord. Always associate with the society of saints and fix your mind on the Guru’s feet.  47 
  2. Other deeds are of no avail to you.  Join the society of holy/saintly people and contemplate alone on the Naam. 12 
  3. Join the society of saints / holy people and contemplate on the Lord of wealth, thus from a sinner you shall be holy. 631
  4. Singing of God’s praises in the society of saints / holy people, is the highest of all deeds. 642 
  5. Make the effort by which emancipation (freedom) can be obtained. Those efforts are made in the company of saints / holy people. 259