Geja Kaur – Aae Mil Gursikh Aae Mil

by Bhau Ji
Imbue yourself with the love of God in the company of spiritually high souls.

The liquor within a bottle is merely a bitter coloured solution but on the consumption of the liquor the euphoria experienced is entirely different.


  • the word named alcohol
  • intellectual knowledge (of it)
  • the external company of bottles


with the knowledge of virtues or vices of alcohol – intoxication cannot come about.  This intoxication is different from the knowledge of alcohol as expressed by the word, it’s something else.

When the liquor is consumed it is converted into an indescribable euphoria. The identity of the liquor does not remain – instead its effect has brought into existence an overwhelming euphoria, an elation, tipsiness and intoxication.

Similarly, by continuous practice of simran, the Gurmantar becomes deeply embedded in our body, mind and consciousness and at some blessed moment the simran is graced by a spiritual miracle and is changed into a love imbued spiritual joy.

In this manner the seeker’s simran becomes “meditation ” and its ” Living Image.”

Blessed souls imbued by the Name remain intoxicated on it and pass through an indescribable spiritual joy and exhilaration which in Gurmat is described as “high spirits” (Chardhi Kalaa)

  1. My mother I am wonder struck by the vision of God My soul is bewitched by the unstruck celestial music, the joys of which are miraculous. 1226
  2. Behold A miracle has occurred. The Guru has enshrined within my heart the Lord who was heard to be unfathomable. 612

However it is important to note that the intoxication created by alcohol is temporary and harmful whereas the high spirits created by Naam is everlasting

  1. He who drinks the elixir of God, forever remains absorbed. The effects of all other relishes wear of in a moment. Intoxicated with God’s Love the mind is forever in bliss. All other joys bring anxiety. 377

We are householders and therefore incapable of the samadhi (meditation) of the yogis.  For this reason Satguru ji has shown us “the company of spiritually illuminated souls” or satsangat as an easy means of practice. This is also known as Sahej jog or Sahej samadhi (spontaneous meditation).

  1. I have heard the exalted path of the Guru’s sangat Attaching ourselves to it the fear of death is destroyed. 1406 
  2. With the support of the Sadh sangat, one is imbued with Love of God. Sins are destroyed, one is in high spirits and Naam ferries you across. 966
  3. Highest of all deeds is the singing of His praises in the Sadh sangat. Says Nanak that the one who is predestined receives it. 642 
  4. By performing millions of rituals, the body is not purified. In the Sadh sangat the mind is awakened 1298 
  5. The path of guru orientated person (gurmukh) is blessed, in the company of evolved souls the gathering is initiated. Var B.G. 6/16
  6. I have crossed the dreadful ocean in the company of holy souls. 517
  7. By joining the society of holy souls I have sung His praises and this gift of human birth has been accomplished. 404
  8. Join the society of holy souls, meditate on the Lord and the sinners will become virtuous. 631

While doing simran and by the grace of Satguru ji, the seeker experiences spiritual flashes within his pure heart i.e. the miracle of Naam takes place. He is wonder struck by this spiritual experience and becomes aware of a thrilling melodious vibration within his body.

  1. On seeing His Vision, my conscience has not remained the same conscience, my intelligence has not remained the same intelligence and my mind has not remained the same mind. Kebet B.G / 9
  2. Seeing His wondrous plays I am wonder struck, The True Guru has made meet Him. 1207
  3. The eyes on seeing the Lord are wonder struck and I have attached my conscience to the invisible Lord. 910

If fortunate, the seeker will experience these inner spiritual experiences of “the miracle of Naam” and “thrilling melody” at an early stage. However the seeker must realise at this stage that these spiritual wonders were achieved through the Grace of Satguruji.  There is a need to believe and live this within his soul.

At this subtle and delicate state, there is a dire need of the support and assistance of blessed souls.

It has been noted that some individuals in the sangat do deeds to attract the attention of the sangat to themselves. In such instances, the individuals spiritual progress will be blocked and given time they will start to fall to lower levels.

Some spiritual seekers abuse these invaluable irresistible gifts from the spiritual realm for materialistic gains and self praises. In the process they feed their ego which is one spiritual sin.

On the other hand, as the sincere seeker enjoys and contains his spiritual experiences, his mind becomes more humble and filled with gratefulness that he becomes heir to more blessings from Satguruji.

This is not the zestless mechanical simran of the yogis. Instead it is life of simran that has arisen from love and devotion. This comes from the court of the True Guru as

  • A spiritual gift
  • Grace of the Guru
  • A deed from His Vision
  • Love and devotion
  • God’s play
  • God’s cup of elixir
  • Gift of Love
  • Naam
  • The Miracle of Naam
  • The Relish Of Naam