Gurpreet Kaur – Sun Yaar Hamare Sajan

by Bhau Ji
Imbue yourself with the love of God in the company of spiritually high souls.

At times through simran in the Sadh sangat, the seeker feels the tug of the spiritual love-cord. Within his soul love wells up, he remembers and longs for His Lord and is attracted to Him. He starts to enjoy the warmth, peace and love in the arms of his spiritual Mother.

  1. Love, affection and yearning for the Lord has sprung up in me. 290

Then Love wells up for the Gurmantar and the seeker starts to relish it.  Slowly and surely it settles down deeply in his mind, body and consciousness and every pore of his body. The mind itself becomes a reflection of the Gurmantar.

In this higher than high and purer than pure spiritual level that is in sahej samadhi, there is so much joy and ecstasy that the seeker is unable to give up this Ambrosia of God.

  1. Lord Your servant is intoxicated by the elixir of your Name. He who obtains the treasure of the Nectar of Love does not forsake it to go elsewhere. 532 
  2. I am in love with my Beloved, the Lord. The Lord has attracted me with such a string, by breaking it, it breaks not by releasing it, it goes not. 827 
  3. The Lord does not leave my mind The Love is so strong that it has burnt all other sinful attachments. 1120

Without alcohol, an alcoholic is in a pitiable state during the “hangover”. Similarly, when a seeker’s attention diverts from the Ambrosia of God, he feels like dying.

  1. I cannot live without the Lord even for a moment. Just as an opium addict dies without opium, in the same way I die without my Lord. 668

In this nectar generating spiritual level, the wonder struck seeker experiences within his soul

  • A thrilling melody
  • The Word is in unison with his consciousness
  • The ecstasy of Naam
  • The Unstruck Sound
  • Adoration
  • Love
  • Relishment
  • Joy

and enjoying all these he goes into Sahej Samadhi.

Such blessed souls are described in Gurbani as follows:

  1. My soul is attached to the True Name. With people I have but artificial dealings.1
  2. My ties are but external but I am happy with all. I remain detached like the lotus in water. 1.Rahao.
  3. My speak with all but my heart is with the Lord. 2 .
  4. Though I appear to be terrible but my mind is the dust of everyone’s feet.3
  5. The servant Nanak has found the perfect Guru who has shown me the One Lord within and without. 384 – 85

This spiritual life is

  • A meditative life
  • A life of love
  • A life of thrilling vibration
  • A life of flavour
  • A love imbued life
  • A life of peace
  • A life of melody
  • A life of euphoria on Naam
  • A life of hearing the unstruck melody
  • A life of sahej samadhi
  • The ultimate miracle of Naam

Such a wondrous life can be felt and experienced within the soul through the grace of the Guru.

This remarkable spiritual level is a play of the “Word in unison with the consciousness” which only a rare soul

  • realises
  • understands
  • feels
  • earns

This word conscious spiritual play is beyond the

  • understanding
  • knowledge
  • philosophy
  • discussions
  • speculations

of our limited minds and totally different from them.

  1. Divine knowledge cannot be sought by mere words to explain it is as hard as iron. 465
  2. Doubt is not dispelled by speech. The whole world has gone weary of speech. 655

This higher than high and purer than pure level cannot be obtained through our physical, mental or intellectual practices.

  1. One has no power to understand or contemplate Divine knowledge. 7
  2. The Bounteous Lord has all the bounties in His Hand. He gives to whosoever He wishes. 604
  3. This is the Lord’s Cup of Love. He gives to him whomsoever He wills. 947