Recognise all as one – Baba Nirinjan Singh

Manas Ki Jaat Sabhe Ekai Pehchanbo – Puratan Hazoori Ragi Bhai Bakshish Singh – Akal Ustat


Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708), the tenth and the last human Guru in the Sikh religious traditions, has also taught that the essence of man in his unitive nature is “Manas Ki Jat Sabhe Eko Pahahambo”.  Before stating this Guru Gobind Singh refers to the various modes of human faiths and their respective identifying marks. All these, he says are due to the influence of place and time. The underlying essence of all men is one and the same.


I have referred to the teachings of the first and the tenth Guru to underscore the point that in spite of the great persecution of Gurus, during the history of the growth and development of the Sikh religious traditions, the persecution itself did not embitter the Gurus. They saw the same continuity even in the persecutor. The claim to the truth of the essential unity of the human kind was fundamental and higher than any suffering caused by the misguided and the misdirected. I have always remember this message of the Guru as an invitation to go beyond one’s experience of interfaith conflict, and the ensuring suffering and to rise to the higher spiritual experience of oneness which alone is real and comforting.


Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat

Talks and Dialogues by the Late Saint Scholar Nirinjan Singh Ji (Shiromani Kathakar)

Compiled by the Late Dr Harcharan Singh, Malaysia.