Aisa Jog Kamavo Jogi – Bibi Amarjit Kaur 28Dec1992

by Bhau Ji

The Infinite Lord has fashioned the human body on some invisible and subtle rules referred to as “The Will” which is written in the depths our souls.

When we get ‘out of tune’ with this divine ‘Will’ written within us, then there is a disruption in the functioning of the internal physical machinery..

The self inflicted ‘disruption’ is what is called disease.

For example if a certain gear in a machine becomes loose then that machine stops functioning which in English is referred to as ‘out of order’.  When we willfully or even in ignorance violate the ‘Will written within us’ then we have to face the result of its consequences in the form of a disease.

It is said that first the mind becomes sick. and its reflection invariable falls on the ‘body’. For example under the influence of a weak mind, when man for the sake of relish and desire consumes harmful things,

then the result of the consequences have to be faced in the form of disease. It is within everybody’s experience to realise that a physical disease creates a massive disruption in our ‘simran’. In fact it is impossible to do ‘simran’ in a diseased condition because the patient’s attention is always focused on his disease and all the time he keeps talking and complaining about his problems.

The patient no doubt has to bear his difficulties, but in the process he also ‘drains’ those who look after him with worry and anxiety. That is why, Gurbani gives us the prescription written below for a permanent cure for both physical and mental diseases-

  1. Farid, do good towards the bad. Do not allow anger (or wrath) to wear out your mind. Your body shall not be inflicted with disease. You will acquire everything. 1381-82
  2. Take your bath. Remember your Lord. Your mind and body shall be free of disease. 611
  3. (O man) daily taste the Nectar Name food of the Lord. All the time let it be in your mouth. Every day sing the praise of the Lord of the World. The pains of old age and death will fade away. 611

But we push aside these counsels of Gurbani and become slaves to the baser inclinations of the mind and continue to be physically and mentally disease ridden.


 It is possible to confront and external enemy, but it is impossible to escape from the invisible enemy in the sub-conscious – that is ‘allergy’. Whatever we think, or deeds we do, its ‘effect’ descends into the sub-conscious. The powerful effect of intense thoughts descends even more quickly into the sub-conscious and its result is very profound and potent/fatal.

We ourselves are responsible for storing these base, polluted and poisonous inclinations into our sub-conscious.

In the courtyard of our hearts is the abode of our Guru or God. In the same courtyard we continue to accumulate filth and poisonous rubbish and by increasing this pollution we are disrespecting our Guru.

Whenever we think about such a person of whom we are ‘allergic’ or bear jealousy, we disturb this filthy internal rubbish and release the odour. This gives rise to a spasm of hatred in our minds, causing us to sneer and make a display of hatred and anger. With the fire of that ‘allergy’ our mind and body heats and burns and in this way our virtuous deeds too go a waste.

This is the reason why, in spite of so much worship, practicing rites and virtues we continue to be absorbed in paying lip service, jealousy, hatred, and enmity.

The external physical filth or pollution, upon death is left behind, but the poisonous state of the sub-conscious goes along with the being even after physical death.

  1. Over numerous births the mind, defiled with filth, has become pitch black. The oilman’s rag (blackened during oil extraction) turns not white by washing, even though it be washed a hundred times. 651

In a mind that is so polluted, the joy, wish or desire to do simran can never arise.

The low mentality of ‘allergy’ is by itself extremely poisonous which scorches (burns) our physical – mental – emotional – intellectual being with the invisible mental fire

  1. With the inner fire, the world is being consumed. But, to the Lord’s devotees worldliness does not cling to him. 673

This condition is given the same weightage as that life of a snake

  1. Without the Lord’s simran, to live is like burning in fire, even though, like a snake, one’s life may be long. 712
  2. Without Lord’s meditation, mortal’s life is like that of a snake. (full of poison) So lives the disbeliever by forgetting the Name. 239


If the poisonous influence of religious fanaticism spreads to this ‘allergy’ of mental fire then only God can help.

With religious fanaticism the poison of our allergy becomes so very intense that it scorches (burns) our ‘being’ and turns it into ash.

Under the poisonous influence of ‘religious fanaticism’ numerous acts of feud – vendetta and tyranny have always been committed and are being committed even now.  Tribes and communities after communities get enveloped in its fire.

* In the world are the four Hindu castes and four Muslim groups.

*Filled with pride, backbiting, ego and tension, they used unwarranted force.  mark and the sacrificial thread.

*One said Raam the other Raheem for the One Name and in this doubt created two paths.

*Both, forgetting the Vedas & the Kitab, got trapped in attachment and greed and became satanic.

*Truth took the rear seat, brahmins and mullahs started fighting and killing one another. V.B.Gurd.1/21

From the bosom of those with the allergy of religious fanaticism other than hatred, jealousy, feud-vendetta, nothing else can surface (or emerge).

From such a bosom it is impossible to develop the inclination or desire to do simran.

For this reason Gurbani advises us as follows on this subject –