S2I Camp 16 – Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s amazing youth explained in English

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s youthful days were spent in preparation for the difficult challenges ahead. Even the games they played with their friends were actually batlefield lessons for their companions and guidance for us centuries on to learn from.

Their compassion, their wisdom and their strength were all evident from the very start. To understand our Guru we must look to learn about these early days and see how Guru Sahib shaped the Panth.

From fighting mock battles as a child, to answering the prayers of true devotees, to sacrificing their own father to protect another’s faith and right to the eve of creating the Khalsa.. this is a powerful history we should all listen to!

This katha is part 2 of the English Katha completed at the 2016 Sikh 2 Inspire Camp on the greatness of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s life

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