Relaxing and soothing simran in the voice of Sant Anoop Singh Ji (Una Wale) for the soul , mind and body.


Lekh 110 (page 10-12) – Simran Part 5 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace.

  1. The worldly love is an arduous ocean of pain and poison which cannot be crossed. The egocentrics pass their life taking pride and saying `It is mine – It is mine’, they decay to their death (1416 – 1417)

In spite of numerous religions and religious sermons, man remains unaware of this mental or materialistic charm.

In this way, unsuspectingly and without resistance man becomes a slave to materialism, strengthening the chains of materialism around him and getting totally trapped under materialistic burdens.

  1. My erring soul is entangled with materialism Whatever deeds I do with greed, with them tie down my self (702)
  2. All the relations are like bonds for the soul O brother. The world has gone astray in doubt. (602)
  3. Nanak, just as many as there are sins as many are the chains around man’s neck. (595)

Within the worldly life or the performance of worldly simran, our mind

  • remains ever alert
  • is scheming cunning and whilly moves
  • is pandering to his needs and desires
  • is lost in its mental engagements
  • is drowned in anxiety and worry
  • is absorbed in the desire of `me-mine’
  • is trapped in his daily chores
  • faces the consequences of his actions – good & bad
  • remains a slave to sensuous desires
  • burns in jealousy and `others love’
  • tortures himself through ill will & enmity

In this way our `priceless birth’ is being sold out in vain for a worthless coin.

If we deeply consider our daily thoughts and actions, we will realize that we are so very deeply engrossed in the cobweb of materialism, that like the germ of filth we cannot see any other alternative to this materialistic life.

The reason is this. Our mind, over many births, has been uninterruptedly practicing the simran of materialism, that

It has itself become the image of materialism

From such a materialistic mind it is but natural to expect to be tainted by the

  • hue (colour)
  • odour
  • desire
  • direction
  • support

of materialism.

If other words our materialistically tempered mind, without knowing, without resistance, effortlessly and continuously is engrossed in the simran of materialism. The proof of this state is our current `materialistic life’. It is the result and essence of the uninterrupted involvement in materialistic simran.

If this practice of simran can be reversed from its worldly directions

and turned towards spiritual direction then our practice of simran can become spiritually based and our life can be successful.

We are already engaged in doing simran. Its practice / methodology remains the same. But its

  • aim
  • support
  • target
  • objective

needs to be altered.

  1. My mind is now reverted to its original parity When I become dead to this life, then I come to know God. (327)
  2. Turning away from the world, my soul is merged in the supreme soul. By gurus grace my understanding has become different, otherwise I was quite ignorant. (333)
  3. When I turned from the world and became dead to this life, I got spiritually awakened. By repeating the Name, my soul got attached with the lord. (221)
  4. He turns away from materialism and enters the Lords mansion, within those mind abides the God’s ambrosial Naam. (786)

In other words the life of `materialistic simran’ needs to be grafted with the hue / colour of spiritualism. BUT this spiritual play is difficult.

  1. Slave Nanak, this is a difficult game Only a few know it through the guru. (219)

Yes, This arduous spiritual play can become simple and is spontaneously attainable in the company of Gurmukh piarays (spiritually enlightened souls).

Cont: in Lekh 111 Simran 2

To be continued

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