Rae Man Aiso Kar Sanniaasaa (composed by Guru Gobind Singh) – sung by Bhai Jaspal Singh

Audio – Bhai Jaspal Singh


raamakalee paathishaahee 10 |
Rag Ramkali by the Tenth Master (King) (usually sung at dawn)

rae man aiso kar sanniaasaa |
O mind! practise asceticism in this way:

ban sae sadhan sabhai kar samajhahu
man hee maahi oudhaasaa | 1| rehaao |
Let your own house be the forest,
And live as a hermit within yourself (1)pause.

jath kee jattaa jog ko maajan
naem kae nakhan bataaou |
Let chastity be your matted hair, union with god your purification,
And let your daily spiritual practice be your uncut nails.
gayaan guroo aatham oupadhaesahu
naam bibhooth lagaaou |1|
Let divine knowledge be your Guru and instruct yourself;
Let the Nam be the ashes which you apply to your body.(1)

alap ahaar sulaap see nindhraa
dhayaa shimaa than preeth |
Eat little, sleep little.
Practice mercy and tolerance.

seel santhokh sadhaa nirabaahibo
haivabo thrigun atheeth | 2|
Practice patience, be forever fearless,
And attain freedom from the three qualities (goodness, passion and darkness).(2)

kaam koradh hankaar lobh hath
moh n man so layaavai |
Lust, anger, greed, egotism and worldly love;
Do not attach your mind to these.

thab hee aatham thath ko dharasae
param purakh keh paavai | 3| 1|
Thus you shall see the Essence of the soul;
And obtain the Supreme Soul, the Lord.(3)

Sabad Patshahi 10, under title Sabad (Punjabi: ਸਬਦ), are ten religious hymns composed by Guru Gobind Singh which are present in Dasam Granth. These 10 hymns are also called Shabad Hazaare Patshahi 10. These hymns have comments on ritualistic practices in Sanyasis, Yogis and Bairagis and also against any form of Idolatry, Human Worship or worshiping deities.

Re Man Aiso is the first of the 10 hymns. These 10 hymns are also called Shabad Hazaare Patshahi 10.