Sikh Sangat protest against Kala Afghana preacher – Inder Ghagga @ Greentown Gurdwara

Inder Ghagga, a highly controversial man who preaches Kala Afghana’s teachings was disrupted from giving his talk when sangat chanted Satnam Waheguru at Greentown Gurdwara.  Below please find the statement from SGGS Academy, two members of the sangat and a video recording from one of the members of the Sangat.


Statement from Paramjit Singh of SGGS Academy 

Dear Family,

Please ignore all rumours being distributed around with intentions to tarnish SGGS Academy’s reputation. It is evident that we were all there in Gurdwara Sahib Ashby Road (Greentown Gurdwara) as individuals and the sanggat started doing Simran when Ghagga started and after the sukhasan of Guru Sahib degh was served. While Ghagga was walking out escorted by the committee members an unknown individual approached him and after that people gathered around and we just walked out. The message is distributed by those who have intention only known to them. We have faith on Guru ji sahib as truth will always prevail and we only humble sewaks of our Guru. Have faith and do not get engaged in these matters as we have to focus on our Guru’s work and maintain Panthic unity.


Gyani Lakhbir shares his views:

Gurfatehji Veero

  1. Ghagga is banned by Akal Takht to do any parchar in gurdwaras because of his anti Sikh and anti Gurmat parchar. He is also banned from doing parchar in Germany U.K. and Canada.  
  2. Many police reports were made and police were informed of potential problems, should Ghagga take the stage. It would be in direct defiance to Akal Takht order to maintain the sanctity of our gurdwaras. The police cautioned that they don’t want any trouble and allowed the program to go on. Hence 1/2 hour only Simran by the sanggat. 
  3. A petition was given to the president that had clearly spelt out Ghagga’s banned order. 
  4. Since the program was allow to go on by the management authority, the sanggat did Simran for half hour, which was done in gusto and everyone enjoyed and felt at peace.  
  5. At around 7.35 ardas was done and the hukumnama taken.  The hukumnama was “Koi janeh kawan eeha jag meet” on pg 700.  The Deg was served and the coming programs announced by Daaljit Singh. 
  6. The Jaap was continued. Many of us decided to move after Ghagga was escorted out. Many of us felt complacent at that time and let down our guard. Just as Ghagga was leaving, being escorted by his team behind him a young boy sitting in the sanggat went for Ghagga for reasons only known to him. As Ghagga was in front and his team behind him, he was shielded from the attack. They was a scuffle and within seconds it developed into a huge commotion as every one joined in to separate the parties. Now at that scuffle, whose hand had hit which party/parties turban(s) and in what way, I can safely say unless there is a proper video recording, no one can say for sure. So let us not speculate and assume.  
  7. The Akal Takht is our supreme body and its orders are to be obeyed without question. We have been taught this from birth. So who disobeyed this order to break the sanctity of our gurdwaras.

Ghagga is banned from doing parchar in gurdwaras for his anti Sikh and anti Gurmat stands. Who had brought him into our country to destroy the harmony and peace among our Sikh community? Who is responsible to create all theses ill feelings and disharmony among the whole Sikh community living in this country for the last 150 years by introducing new doctrines, home made slogans to rhyme with Gurbani but in reality are against our SRM.

Brothers MGC has failed, SNSM has failed, Asia Samachar has failed, Coalition has failed, many individuals having leadership positions have failed, other functioning bodies are unaware or too small or simply refused to stop this tide to tow the line of Akal Takht our supreme body. Yesterday’s incident was done simply by concerned members who felt pain in their hearts and rose to the occasion to stop Ghagga from doing katha.

There are two bodies that have been constantly blamed for no reasons at all. They are the only two bodies that are steady as a rock and stand like a mountain and refuse to give in to this tide of tacitly been lead down the road of these new anti Gurmat and defiance to orders from Akal Takht our supreme body.

The two bodies are Niketan and SGGS academy. I stand with them as now required.

So please do not misunderstand our motives. We work towards the harmony and peace among the whole Sikh community in Malaysia.



Gyani Lakhbir Singh

Gurdwara Sahib Asby Road Issue

by Premraj Singh

Before the program:

Committee of Gurdwara Sahib Asby invited Prof Inder Singh Ghagga to do Parchar. Despite of knowing that Akal Takth have given Sandesh to Sikh Sangat that Prof Inder Singh Ghagga not to be allowed to preach in any Gurdwara around the world yet he was invited. Committee of Gurdwara Sahib Asby acted supreme than Sri Akal Takth Sahib. The committee of Gurdwara knew that there will be problems by inviting Prof Inder Singh Ghagga, therefore they made police report and requested for police protection. This was the 2nd time Gurdwara Sahib Asby Road called for police protection. If they know bringing Prof Inder Singh Ghagga woud create conflicts and disputes, why still invite? Better not to. So this is clear that the committee is very stubborn and are in favour of creating fights among Sikhs. Secondly, rumors were spread that if anyone try to stop the event, police will arrest them. The irresponsible, stubborn and selfish secretary of Gurdwara Sahib, Daaljit Singh (Khandewala) release a letter of lies stating that Prof Inder Singh Ghagga is a good preacher and there is no such thing as Akal Takht stopped him from preaching. However, there was genuine Sandesh by Akal Takth Sahib for not to allow Prof Inder Singh Ghagga. Daaljit Singh acted supreme than Singh Sahib. First of all, there are many videos of Prof Inder Singh Ghagga in youtube. Wherever he goes (Germany, England, Us, Canada) there will be fights, than why still invite him? Isn’t the committee sick and stupid. The motive of committee is not to unite the Sangat but to break the Sangat and cause fights. If their motive was to unite than they wouldnt be inviting Prof Inder Singh Ghagga.

During the program.

There were no group involved. Everyone came as individual. Some have stated that a certain group from KL is involved. However thats not true. Everyone have personal life and they have the rights to join as individual. So, 7pm the program suppose to start. Before Prof Inder Singh Ghagga started to preach, the majority Sangat started to do Simran (Satnam Waheguru). Daaljit Singh stood at the rostrum twice to speak but the Sangat didn’t permit, the Simran went on. Then the Gianiji, who was doing Chor Sewa said Fateh to Sangat. He requested the Sangat to cooperate and than a Singh from Sangat requested Gianiji to continue to do Path. Gianiji accepted the request and started to do Anand Sahib. Then Ardaas and then Hukumnama. Daaljit stood on rostrum and announced the upcoming program of the Gurdwara Sahib. Then Semapthi, followed by Sukhasan and then finally Degh was served. Later when Prof Inder Singh Ghagga stood up to go out of Darbar Sahib with committee members, a Singh stood to attack. Fight occured in Darbar Sahib. Police came in to stop the fight. Daaljit immediately announced, “Jo Bhi Temasha Karna Si Tusi Karliya, Jo Bhi Temasha Vekhna Si Vekhliya and now please leave the Darbar Sahib. A lady (supporter of comnittee) was screaming in Darbar Sahib “Besharmo Mere Guru Dhi Pagh Lati……..”

Sangat went out of Darbar Sahib, however one of the supporter of the committee did not stop even after requested by police to calm. Police had no choice to arrest him and take him to police station. Before the program rumors were spread by committee that those who are coming in against of Prof Inder Singh Ghagga will be arrested by police but what happen was their own supporter got arrest.


The Singh had utmost Sadkar for Guruji and couldn’t control his emotions and reacted towards Prof Inder Singh Ghagga. For Sangat’s info, Prof Inder Singh Ghagga is in the mission of the reduce the Ang of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He have also condemn Rehitnamay and critisized Sri Dasam Granth. In Canada, Germany, US and England similarly the Sangat did not allow him to preach. When the Singh called him for a discussion, he went speechless during the discussion. He was also arrested in Punjab for hurting the sentiments of Hindus. Knowing that he is a controversial Parcharak yet the committe invited him. Knowing that he is controversial Parcharak why still invite. He is a trouble maker and have cause trouble previously in Germany, Us, Canada and England. The main culprits and roots cause whom to be blamed for whatever happen is Sikh Lehar, Sikh Vichar, Asiasamachar, Gurdwara Sahib Asby Road, Gurdwara Sahib Seremban and Gurdwara Sahib Ulu Kelang. Infact there are some programs carried out with him in conference hall out. Requesting other Gurdwaras to please cancel his programs and send him back. End of the day he is going to take his fee and go back but later we have to suffer. Some say whatever happen in Gurdwara Sahib Asby Road was totally disagreed. Just for your info, Massa Ranghar was beheaded by Bhai Sukha Singh in the Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple). There was bloodshed in Sri Darbar Sahib. Baba Deep Singh punished the Turks at the Parkarma of Sri Darbar Sahib. There was bloodshed there as well. Sometimes situation is such. Emotions cant be control over those who criticize Sikhi as done by Prof Inder Singh Ghagga. Example, if someone elderly guy comes into Darbar Sahib while smoking, are we going to sit quietly. No right. Of course emotions wont be able to control that time, similarly in this situations, emotions couldn’t control over those who intend to do Biadhi of Guru Sahib.