Prof Inder Ghagga creates controversy and splits the Sangat wherever he goes.  Why?  He subscribes to the DIVISIVE KALA AFGHANA IDEOLOGY.  Why DIVISIVE? Because this ideology goes against  OUR LONG TERM TEACHINGS FROM OUR GURUS AND AS PRACTICED BY OUR FOREFATHERS.  Some of the key beliefs of Prof Inder Gaggha are shown in the picture below.



There was a Gurbani Vichaar program at the Seremban Gurdwara whereby some the Sangat who were believed to be not subscribing to the Kala Afghana Ideology were prevented from going into the Gurdwara for the religious program.  The program was cited to be a private function.


We share the opinion of the Sangat below.  We have tried to include as many of the Sangats’ comments as possible (comments taken from SGGS Academy FB page which showed the event live and has now posted the video recording at its FB page) but included a cross-section without making this report too long.  We apologise to the members of the Sangat whose comments we missed.  A summary of the comments follows (our comments in italics):

  1. 1. Sporadic comments denigrating those not allowed in.
  2. 2. By and large majority condemned the Gurdwara authorities
  3. 3. Inder Ghagga is under notice (Sandesh) not to preach anywhere
  4. 4. MGC is contravening the Akal Takht’s notice by allowing Inder Ghagga to preach
  5. 5. There were a few who were not aware of what was going on.
  6. 6. Though the program was claimed private, there was Sangat from Port Klang attending
  7. 7. The people banned by Akal Takht were allowed into the Gurdwara but not the Sangat.
  8. 8. There was a number who mentioned that if the function was private then hold the function at an alternative venue (e.g. hall or hotel). 



What does the Sangat say (sensitive comments were removed):

  • Sukdev Singh · 6:03 Shame on gurdwara sahib seremban committee…
  • Jagowala Jatha · 10:31 These type of blasphemous people should never be booked in the first place
  • Saminder Deol Shindi · 11:13 Isn’t this against Sikh Rehat Maryada. MGC????
  • Jasmail Singh · 12:55 There is no room for Kala afghana’s teachings.
  • Saminder Deol Shindi · 14:01 In a gurdwara there is no private function.
  • Serbhagat Singh Rangreta · 16:37 Whatever it is keep calm and do protest by chanting gurmantar….keep it up
  • Mendave Singh · 21:41 This message is regarding MGC’s latest letter titled *inaccurate and deceptive statement* I , Paramjit Singh of SGGS Academy, just spoke to Singh sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh ji, Jathedar of Akaal Takhat to confirm the content of MGC’s letter ( claiming ghagga was pardon ) . Singh sahib ji confirmed otherwise. Furthermore he said ghagga has never appeared before Sri Akaal Takhat and they are seriously reviewing his books. MGC’s letter is a total manipulation with intention to misguide the sanggat. The sandesh is still valid. This proves MGC is against Sri Akaal Takhat.
  • Bhupinder Kaur · 22:58 Can enter gurdwara by invitation only ? What a joke !
  • Ajmer Jay · 25:35 Someone who is banned by AKAL TAKTH Iis allowed in n the sanggat is banned frm entry. . May Guru Maharaj have mercy on u guys doing
  • Bhupinder Kaur · 27:41 A peaceful protest against disunity spread by ghagga. Kudos to all the Singhs who are standing steadfast for the unity of the panth. Chardikala !
  • Gurmukh Singh · 1:50 Y the Malaysian gurdwara councils are alowing this parcharak into gurdwaras n give parchar
  • Gurbaksh Singh · 13:37 New height of stupidity. Totaly against the Sikh philosophy. What sort of gurdwara management is this?
  • Rasvinder Singh · 9:21 Shame on Gurdwara Sahib Seremban committee, what gives you the right to deny sangat from going into darbar?
  • Rajinder Kaur · 2:51 That’s great. Let others watch our stupidity. By chanting WAHEGURU and stopping Sangat from entering Darbar what are we trying to prove. We all have brains. And the right to choose. How disappointing. Not taking sides but this is so so SAD
  • Parveen Kaur · 7:22 This so embarasing la… Sikhs are showing others how ununited we are… Others are laughing at us la…
  • Sunny Raj Singh · 1:13 Private function do in Hotel
  • Harjit Khera · 1:22 Gurdwara belong to everybody
  • Nrendar Singh · 13:12 Well done to the comitee ..this troublemakers should be left outside..
  • Emrean Sekhon · 25:18 1 guy is tearing all our Sikh community into 2..
  • Manvinder Singh Sidhu · 0:00 Shame on Gurdwara commitee of Seremban…. who r u to stop sanggat
  • Kiran Sidhu · 11:55 The problem is not who invited who.. problem is about sikhi, about guruji, boud not allowing sanggat to enter Gurdwara
  • Rajesh Sharma · 27:18 Whatever it is a Gurdwara is open to all Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.
  • Singh Gurmukh · 2:36 True Gursikhs are standing outside of their own Guruaghar.Dhan Guru de Sikhs
  • •Sajeeth Singh · 2:02 I didn’t know that the Gurdwara of which I’m a member needs to give out invitation to attend any function. It must be they father’s property and not the one that our 1st patshah propagated. I feel very ashamed of what is happening.
  • Unclebeejay Singh · 10:14 They are from the same breed,who in early years chase sant baba sohan singh ji from this temple n babaji left to malacca.
  • Premraj Singh · 29:06 You say only by invitation. You say only members allowed. When u need donations you come to us despite of knowing whether we are invited or not, whether we are members or not. Who are you to close the main gate of Gurdwara. Is this your Sikhi? You say its disrespecting the old guy. Go to youtube and listen to his kathas on youtube. He said raag mala is not to be recited. He said Guru Nanak ate halal meat in mecca. He said Guru Arjan Dev Ji fainted during Shaheedi. Despite of this you people giving pehra for him. You (committee) have acted the most shameless i can think of. Akal Takht have even banned him yet you people allowing. You people dont deserve to be called as Sikhs. Now Gurdwara is been used for private function. Totally shameless. Dubjo jakay
  • Ajitpal Kaur · 16:03 Oh upon invitation only ah … omg guru ji house upon invitation only .. kaljug lah . ….
  • Aranjit Kaur Gill · It was created by some goons in Ipoh.. People know who they are. They do not belong to any associations in Kl.. This is just for info. agreed that it happened in the darbar.. Very sad and utterly disgusted but don’t you think that the committee knew that it was going to happen with the presence of police force. It’s indeed more devastating to see the police force in the darbar. No offence ya..
  • Balraj Kaur Randhawa · 0:00 Disgrace to Gurdwara Sahib Seremban Committee… who are r u to stop sanggat
  • Pajan Maan Maan · 16:10 Private functions should be in hotel not gwara
  • Bhai Amarjit Singh · 5:47 ਇਹ ਬਕਵਾਸ ਕਰ ਰਹ. ਨ…ਘਗਾ ਜਿਂਦਾਬਾਦ.. (and these fools say… long live Ghagga…).
  • Harbindar Singh · 0:00 Nobody has the rights to stop sangat attending gdwra. Gdwara open to all. If want to have private function like this go book a dewan. Wrong move by the committee
  • Dalvir Singh · 0:26 To those who were standing and not allowing Sangat to go into the Gurdwara, salute to your stupidity ! Pls understand ! me saying stupid is not my point to solely voice out my thought about this incident but to accept someone who is being Ban almost everywhere for twisting Sikhism in his own way is super wrong . We should be sad that this things are taking place . If he was doing something right , I believe we won’t be angry and gather in Gurdwaras and stuff . There is a serious reason to it . So think critically !!!!
  • Ranjeet Johl · 5:13 Shame on the committee that thinks they own the gurdwara. They should be chased out by sangat and not step into premise until they apologise to Our Guru Granth Sahibji and sang at. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THESE CLAIMED TO BE SIKHS IN GURDWARA. IS IT YR PLAYGROUND. SHAME. ITS A SHAME TO COMMUNITY TOO. SHAME.
  • Jaspreet Kaur · 0:00 Today, Sikhs never allowed Sikhs to enter Gurdwara! Shame on you Seremban Gurdwara Committee, Sikhi Lehar Malaysia and Malaysian Gurdwara Council… What a Shame ! Seremban Committee just prove they are corrupted…No matter what the reason is, what gives you the right to stop Guru Sahib’s sangat from entering the premises?
  • Santokh Singh Seera · 6:52 Bring down MGC jaggir singh first. Cut the head, the tail will settle itself.
  • Satwin Sandhu · 16:08 Private function do at hotel lah…guru ji open doors for all Sangat
  • Ginderpal Gill · 10:10 We don’t allow this babarians in our gurdawara.. Trouble makers.   This the same group did Temasyah in Ipoh gurdawara
  • Bhagat Singh · 1:05 This is against the Guru’s philosophy, the Guru has always placed the Sadh Sanggat higher than Himself. Committee wale think that they are greater than the Sanggat. 
  • Gurmit Kaur · 9:22 Shame to all these outsiders who came to create trouble. Seremban sanggat is united and will always stay united.
  • Phoopinder Kaur · 16:06 Today I am so ashamed to be from seremban ..I expected more professionalism from my learned brothers
  • Ajitpal Kaur · 12:48 Never even respect our penji’s who is standing out side 
  • Anil Roy · 0:00 Why there are imported sangat from port klang Gurdwara ? I saw 2 useless fellow from port klang. Next time must get invitations to go Gurdwara
  • Sukhdev Singh · 18:13 The person who is banned by Akaal Takth allowed to go into gurdwara and Sangat restricted!
  • Ajmer Jay · Most of us don’t know who Inder Ghagga is. Brothers, this is the person who says that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ate Halal meat and Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji fainted on the hot iron plate. He says doing simran has no benefit and is equivalent to a parrot repeating its words, he makes fun of our Guru Sahib’s history by distorting it. He is totally against Shaheed singhs and openly condemns and insults Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh ji. He does not believe in Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurbani and says that kirpan is the shastar of olden times which is not useful in today’s times.  A few days ago, this man released a statement in Spokesman News saying that a naujawan named Jarnail Singh drove the car of this panth into a mountain (the government), with this nothing happened to the mountain (gov) but the car of this panth was totally damaged.  Can we even call him a Sikh? If this is a Sikh, then who are the panth dokhis? Who are the enemies of the panth? The bashing of a person like this is nothing to go against as he this is what he deserves. There’s no problem if the dastar he adorns to tear the panth apart falls. These people don’t even deserve to have a dastar on their heads.
  • Carol Kaur · 5:57 Gurdwara has every right to bar goondays
  • Gurmeet Singh · 0:31 No one is interested in doing God’s work anymore. It’s all about $$,ego and pride. Politics everywhere whatever the reason here for this happening or anything similar goes back to before Sikhism it self. Humans are dangerous beings when mislead, all the transcripts and teachings passed down generations and all the sacrifices to uphold equality and stay away from duality is proven a waste in this video. Even the gurus and all the other scholars and poets who wrote either the guru grant sahib or the dasam Granth had no intentions of a bleak future such as this. We stray when we forget what the fight was all about. Love, equality and believing in the one God itself. Goodbye gurdwaras as I will keep practicing my religion and it’s basis where God is. Everywhere
  • Manohar Singh · 6:35 This wasn’t academy or any organisation this was panth sanggat people had came down from penang ipoh Kl and johor to stop Inder Ghagaa progran.