Chief Secretary, Harcharan Singh has connived with the Ex-communicated lobby of Bhekhi Sikhs in Malaysia

Shabad Kirtan – Jogi andar jogia by Shri Madhup Mudgal

Please note: SGPC has already removed the highly controversial posting of Harcharan Singh who work in cahoots with Kala Afghana followers.  Please do not be mislead by the letter sent out by MGC to all the gurdwaras dated 15Mar2017…..SGPC supports “Ek Granth Ek Panth” concept in Sikhism.  SGPC by removing the statement do not support this concept.

The following is extracted from Dr Anurag Singh’s posting

Jathedar Kirpal Singh ji Badungar,
SGPC,Sri Amritsar Sahib.

SUB: Truth v/s Apostates

I am uploading another documentary proof to nail the lies of SGPC’s Mischief Secretary, Mr.Harcharan Singh,

  • a special person,
  • with special post,
  • special powers,
  • special salary,
  • special perks and
  • special age

being patronised with unbridled powers of disowning the Canonised Scriptures of the

  • Guru Panth,
  • Khalsa Ideals,
  • Khalsa Rehit,
  • Khalsa Baptism,
  • Khalsa Salutations(Jaikaras),
  • Khalsa Ardasa.

In Guru Granth Sahib every type of sinner is pardoned except the Traducer (Nindak) and Thankless (Akirtghan). This Chief Secretary has connived with the Ex-communicated lobby of Bhekhi Sikhs in Malaysia as a Nindak as well as Thankless.

Here are three photographs of the book, “Selections From the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs,” carrying translations of both the Granths:

  • Guru Granth Sahib as well as
  • Dasam Granth.

Now ask this favoured Chief Secretary whether he considers himself more learned than these learned Scholars and Theologians of Sikh Panth? He is not even fit to unlace their shoes of these scholars.

I have been informed that SGPC had removed his motivated, malicious and blasphemous NOTICE from its Website.  This is a first step; now a Official Statement is required to be uploaded to control the damage done by this Chief Secretary by obliging the Anti-Sikh forces in Malaysia.

The circumstances in this case give rise to the opinion that there is some quid-pro-quo in this murky deal and it can be detected by procuring details of his Mail and telephone details, which as per my request might have been collected by now to prove this to be managed statement to be misused by Malechh Khalsa, backed by Ragi Darshan and his associates. Collect this data and I am sure to prove it.

With regards,
Servitor of Guru Panth

Anurag Singh. March 18,2017.

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