Sant Baba Naranjan Singh explaining Mahakaal Kalika Aradhi

Mahakaal Kalika Aradhi

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My impressions of Babaji

One day, I repeatedly asked Babaji what was his innermost heart’s desire. After much pestering, he answered

  1. Service of Mankind
  2. Getting the parthak darshan of Akal Purukh in this lifetime
  3. Doing the parchar of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s outlook.

Babaji used to say that doing a lot of Path (Recitation of gurbani) and listening to a lot of kirtan was a good karam. But most important is to read with vichaar (contemplation & understanding) and to keep control on our Surng-klurp and Vee-klurp (positive & negative thoughts).

He taught us that the kingdom of God is within ourselves. He seemed to have risen out of his centered consciousness to the divine plane of the self within, focussing all his energies & emotions on God.

He used to say, “Satsang is a door thru which one may enter the Heavenly Home”. Giving love was the very part of his life. He never saw faults in others. He used to say that the happiness you give to others will rebound to you – such is the great law. He gave his love to all, seeing no faults in others.

He used to explain the philosophy of Amrit from a spiritual point of view and I have many times witnessed such exchanges of views between him and the sangat.

Babaji has done 4 akhand paths at one sitting during his lifetime. His face would be glowing radiantly and it was indeed a sight to cherish. During the amrit vela sadhanas at the ashram, the lights would be turned off at 3am sharp. Only a dim candle would be lighted near the pothi sahib on Babaji’s waja. He did the sadhana with great love and bairaag. His perna would be drenched after the session. All would be still and the atmosphere would be like sachkhand.

Babaji’s sorat di kamai was so much that whoever did his darshan was filled with peace. Throughout his life, he stressed on one thing: “Apni mat tiago, Guru di mat tharan karo. Guru da saroop shabad hai”

The plant of Sikhi planted by Guru Gobind Singh Ji has been kept green by, amongst other things, by saints, bhagats who have done their sewa to water this plant. Sant Giani Naranjan Singh Ji is one of them.

By Surjit Kaur Ghandhi

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