Panjab Drowning Without Water

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Published on Mar 20, 2017

For more than 50 years, Panjab has given away more than 50 percent of its river water, for free, to the non riparian states of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. And it has cost Panjab more than 20 lakh crore rupees (£200 billion pounds). Our documentary shows that Panjab gave this water under coercion and in violation of the Indian Constitution. Today only 20 per cent of Panjab’s water needs are being met by its own river water.

In this film, Pritam Singh Kumedan, an expert and advisor to the Panjab Govt on riparian water issues, reveals in an interview with UNITED SIKHS, how Panjab can stop giving away this water for free.

  1. Will the new Panjab Congress Government keep its election pledge to ensure that not even a drop of water leaves Panjab for Haryana via the SYL (Sutlej Yamuna Link) canal?
  2. Will the Panjab Government go one further and prioritise Panjab’s own water needs and stop sending free water to non-riparian states of Rajasthan and Delhi?
  3. Will the Panjab Government claim compensation from Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi amounting to some 20 lakh crore rupees (£200 million pounds)?

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I thought hard n carefully about it and share it nevertheless as this video shows how the land of the 5 rivers is only left with 2 rivers ie 50 percent of our water has been diverted to green deserts in neighbouring states while our beautiful Panjab runs dry . The agitation in the 60’s ..the 84 attacks n now the farmer suicides are all connected to this affects us all. That’s why I shared.

#UNITEDSIKHS is finally doing something significant for Panjab after serving all other races n countries worldwide since the tsunami in Dec 2004. I thank you for your support in saving our dying land .

Help us today with just RM$65.00 monthly to Rescue A Family in Panjab by providing a pension for the widow whose farmer husband has committed suicide. The rps1000 ie rm65 will ensure the widow keeps her children in school.

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