Aakhaan Jeevan Bisre Mar Jao – Baljit Kaur Khalsa


Lekh 113 (page 7-9) – Simran Part 16 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

5 The negative company of mental thoughts

The negative company of thoughts is not only more harmful than the negative company of human (lungs) and books but also exerts a deep influence. For this reason it is important to address this topic in great detail.

We can some how avoid the negative company of people and books – an ascetic sadhu or illiterate people are examples of this. but it is very difficult to save oneself from the company of negative thoughts.

The mind is subtle and like mercury it is unstable. It cannot remain still even for a moment. In spite of the absence of any physical commitments this mind according to its tendencies remain involved and engrossed in one thought or another. In this way without any rhyme or reason, through our baser tendencies, we always remain en-wrapped in the world.

There are two types of thoughts.

  • Superfluous thoughts which come and go.
  • Deep thoughts – which we recollect and ponder upon over and over again and deposit them in the lower layer (of our mind) there by causing case files of those thoughts to be created in our minds.

For example if someone has done us some ill or has taunted us, we tend to carve the anger eve more deeply on to our minds by remembering the taunt or –hostile incident repeatedly. The result is that, when we remember person who has taunted us or who has been hostile to us, the sharp/deep anger that arises has a lasting and painful effect on us and our mind burns in the fire of jealousy, duality, disgust, anger and allergy. In this way, every time we browse into that ‘file’, the colour of our minds becomes more intense and deep. With time, this anger settles into our subconscious. Although the person who caused the anger is far away from us, even then emergence of a chance recollection of that hostility or thought has a profound ill effect on our mind.  In this situation we pollute our minds by simmering and burning in hate, anger, jealousy, duality and experience pain.

The painful thing is that such type of hostility and ‘files’ exist in our hearts, not in one or two’s but in large numbers. When our mind is free from other engagements, immediately the steam of hostility – anger, complaints emerge from within in search of our attention. The point here is that this happens in spite of being far away with no physical contact. 

This result is entirely the effect of ‘mental company’.

Negative mental company is abundantly painful, dangerous, difficult and has a more profound effect than negative physical company. But we are completely absorbed in the negative company of mental thoughts. For this reason religious tendencies with virtuous qualities never ever sprout in us or are superficial to say the least. Consequently, God or His Simran does not appear important and the mind can never immerse into or concentrate in Simran.

There is only one cure to save oneself from this deplorable plight – whenever anger, grievance, taunts, complaints etc. surface in the mind, at that moment we need to say ‘let it be’, ‘never mind’ and attempt to forget these thoughts and not repeatedly remember them. This is because, the more times a mind dwells upon a certain thought, the greater is the intensity with which it gets etched in our hearts. Then it becomes difficult to erase, to save or to remain detached from that thought. We are strictly urged to save oneself from the effect of baser thoughts or to remain detached in the following way:

  • Do not keep ill feeling for others in your mind.
  • Do good toward your adversary and do not allow to wear you out.
  • prevent yourself from listening ill of others.
  • share the virtuous and discard the vices.
  • mercy , tolerance love O man.
  • slander (Does not benefit anyone). – see and disregard.
  • after listening, ‘disregard’.

We are totally unconcerned and ignorant about our actual degeneration and there appears to be no need to pay any attention to this. Knowingly we become careless or pretend ignorance and blindly we drift in the stream of our habits on our inherited tendencies. The strange thing is that whilst we, out of our ignorance are “all enslaved in false deeds and attachments and are ‘suffering and dying,’ and drifting away, we are ever ready and eager to lay the blame of criticism or others. By sharpening the horns of our ego and intelligence, we keep clashing with others, and more take credit and honour for doing so. Being absorbed in such form of mental degeneration is exactly the opposite of a life of ‘detachment’.

In our mental worldly life, there is another bad defect and that is we are wasting our precious time in unfruitful debates on work, politics and social affairs, the women remain absorbed in things connected with food-drinks, clothes and slander (talking bad about others). By this way no one has any awareness on the subject of ‘detached living’. For this reason we are moving away from the divine religious virtues or Naam Simran.

If any one has been to a commodity transaction centre in a town, they will know that that place is crowded with an enormous number of traders who make their bids loudly thereby creating plenty of noise and din.

Exactly in the same way, in the ‘commodity transaction centre’ of our minds, many kinds of personal, mental or the worldly religious traders have day and night created uproar. For this reason our mind cannot calm even for a second. This strange, superficial, mental and useless ‘world’ that resides in our mind has been our own doing. In this self created, mental, unnecessary and harmful world our mind remains involved all the time.

How do you save yourself from these? No one seems to worry about it, no one feels the need (to save oneself).  Gurbani has the following advice for us on this subject.

  1. Sheikh, you are wandering in four directions and are flown by four winds. Bring this mind of yours into the Lord’s One Mansion. Abandon your crooked ways and realise the Guru’s instruction. 646