Principles & Doctrines are in stark contrast as constituted by MGC compared to Global Sikh Council

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The difference in the principles and objectives are very stark on basic and fundamental principles of Sikhi, Gurmat and Khalsa Panth.  And MGC is a member and worse a founder member of the council whose principles are in stark contrast and at variance with the principles and doctrines the MGC is constituted.

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Now who is this Global Sikh Council that peddles their version of Sikh religious concepts and take stands on matters of Gurbani and Gurmat.  MGC recently hosted the GSC Conference in a luxury Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  Must be feeling proud to have hosted an international conference.

A visit to the GSC website reveals that GSC was formed at a meeting held on February 28th to March 1, 2014 in Sydney Australia.  

President: Gulbarg Singh Basi.

Name of the council: GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC.

NOTE: INC. is the abbreviation of INCORPORATED.

In most states in the US corporations must add corporate designation such as INC. in their BUSINESS NAME.

Now, is GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. a company, corporation i.e. a business entity?  If the GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL is registered as a company and its legal name is GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. why is the corporate designation INC. not used in their usual business and activities and their constitution?


A company search on GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. reveals that GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. is an entity registered in Georgia with company number 14069804 and incorporated on the 16th July 2014.

co info

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The same Gulbarg Singh Basi is named as the agent and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC.  Kirpal Singh Nijher as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Rupinder Kaur Basi as the secretary.  The company GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC., the CEO and the Secretary have the same address.


As in the case of companies, corporations and business entities GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. has a BOARD of DIRECTORS.

If the GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL (GSC) is registered as a company and it’s legal name is GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC., why is the corporate designation INC. not used in their usual business and activities and their constitution?  Don’t want the Sikh Sangat to know because INC. is a corporate designation and means or implies that it is a business entity?

It would appear that MGC is a member and worse a founding member of a council (stated at their website) firstly whose principles and objectives basically and fundamentally are different and at variance with the principles, doctrines and objectives for which MGC is constituted, and secondly which is a company incorporated in Georgia USA.

And indirectly through their council Malaysian Gurdwaras are affiliated, associated or involved with the company Global Sikh Council Inc. incorporated in Georgia USA.

This is betrayal of the Malaysian Gurdwaras and the Panth and the principles and doctrine of Guru di Sikhi.

Wither the sanctity, integrity and the independence of the Malaysian Gurdwaras?

Maybe there is an explanation and some one familiar with the MGC can explain and clarify.

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