Niketan’s response to MGC letter of 20-Mar-2017

We share Niketan Malaysia response to MGC letter dated 20-Mar-2017 (see picture in Figure 1).

Date: 10 April 2017

Jagir Singh,
The President of Malaysian Gurdwaras
No. &7A, Jalan Haji Salleh
51100 Kuala Lumpur


Jagir Singh, 

In your letter of 20th March 2017 you said Gurvichar is mischievous and that the Niketan President mislead the Sangat.

Gurvichar can speak for themselves. 

Let me make it clear, we did not create or manufacture the news about Ragi Darshan  Singh.  Anyway the ex-communicated Ragi is of no consequence.  Do not distract attention from the more important matters and from your own indiscretions.  Let’s talk about what matters.  Who is misleading the Sangat?

Figure 1: Niketan Malaysia response to the MGC letter dated 20-Mar-2017

170411 PIC 00A

Niketan serves the Guru Ji.  We do Kirtan, Katha and Parchar of the teachings (Bani) of the TEN GURUS and Bani includes GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji’s HYMNS (SRM chapter V Article VI (C) (English version Published by Dharam Parchar Committee (Shromani Gurdwra Parbandak Committee Amritsar in 2000 and 2006).  Further SRM chapter IX Article XIII refers to exposition of the Teaching of the TEN GURU’S WRITINGS or UTTERANCES and that includes Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s teaching and utterances (Enclosed are the 2 provisions of SRM).   

Further Kahn Singh Nabha in Mahan Kosh, the most authoritative dictionary and encyclopaedia of Sikhism also defines Bani as Bani of Guru Nanak and His Satguru Forms (Guru Nanak atey ohna dey Roop Satguran di Bani).  

We conduct our Kirtan, Katha and Parchar “IN ACCORDANCE WITH ESTABLISH SIKH PRACTICES AND REHAT MARYADA”. (Highlighted words are from your constitutions, Jagir).  What is your problem?  

Now what do you do? 

You say Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Bani, hymns and utterances cannot be preached or recited in the Gurdwara because SRM does not allow.  You are misleading the Sangat.

You prohibit and ban what is an established practice of the Sikh from the time of Guru Ji and our forefathers and you go against your own constitution according to which you are required to PRESERVE, uphold and practice the Sikh religion according to the established practices.

If that is not enough you go against the express decision and Gurmatta of the Akaal Takhat and the Sandesh and advice of the other four Takhats. And you have the audacity to declare one of our Takhats in transgression of the SRM. Looks like you do not know what a Takhat is and what it means to the Sikh world.  Do I need to educate you on the history and significance of the Takhats to the Sikh World?  

In Banning Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bani you Jagir and your New MGC is in transgression of the Rehat Maryada, your constitution, Gurmatta of Akal Takhat and above all Gurmat.  And Gurmat is the TEN GURUS concepts (Sidant).

Anyway have you made up your mind which is your highest authority?

Sometimes you say “our religious institution of supreme authority is Akaal Takhat” (your letter 12th July 2016) and then you say it is “SGPC (Highest Sikh Religious Authority)” (your letter 20th March 2017).

Don’t you know that your “SGPC (Highest Sikh Religious Authority)” is a creation of an act of Indian Parliament with jurisdiction over certain historical Gurdwaras in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pardesh and Chandigarh.  Delhi has its own DSGPC.  SGPC does not even have authority other than the authority given by an Act and you want peddle it as the highest RELIGIOUS Authority Worldwide?

Lastly your defence and praise of GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC is laughable to say the least.  The information and data on GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC is in the public domain.  It is a company incorporated in Georgia U.S.A. Company No. 14069804.  The word BUSINESS is littered all over the documents, in the Certificate of Incorporations Annual Registration filing (latest filing 1/26/2017:  2:14:09 pm) and business searches.  The structure of the company with its Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) etc. etc. speaks volumes.

Interestingly the business information with regards to BUSINESS PURPOSE is left blank. So what’s their business?  Trading in Sikh Religious concepts selling new ones and trading in the established ones?  Taking stands and positions on matters of Sikhi and Gurmat?  Replacing established practices of the Sikhs with your concepts?  Demolishing Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s teachings and utterances? 

This must be related, Jagir under your watch as MGC President, Gurdwaras are made to cancel the Kirtan, Katha and Parchar events and smagams by local Guru de Kirtanias and Parcharaks.  It is not difficult to know how and why this is happening. It never happened before you.  We hold you responsible as President of MGC.

My questions for you Jagir

  1. Did the Malaysian Gurdwaras approve of MGC decision to be the co-founder and member of GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC.
  2. Were the Gurdwaras informed that the GSC is a company incorporated In Georgia USA and that its full legal name is GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC.
  3. Were the Gurdwaras informed of its religious objectives and that the statements of principles and objectives of GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. are fundamentally different and in variance with that of MGC and Gurmat?
  4. Were the Gurdwaras informed of the implications of the statement of objective of GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. as stated in their constitution?
  5. Is MGC as a founder member responsible in formulating these objectives which are different and at variance of that of MGC and Gurmat?
  6. Jagir, did you or any of your henchmen call, request or in any way influence any Gurdwara to cancel any Smagam or event involving Guru de Kirtaneyas and Parcharaks?

Jagir, you have mislead the Malaysian Gurdwaras and the Sangat whom MGC represents.

Jagir, you have compromised the sanctity, integrity and independence of the Malaysian Gurdwaras.

Jagir, through the MGC you have positioned the Gurdwaras in opposition to the Takhts and the Panth and aligned them to GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. and incorporated company, an American Corporation.

Jagir you have betrayed the trust of the Malaysian Gurdwaras and the Sangat

Faithful servants of Guru Gobind Singh Ji & The Khalsa Panth

__________________        ___________________  

Sarabjeet Singh               Prithvi Kaur

(President)                        (Secretary)

Copy: All Malaysian Gurdwaras